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new teaser pics for “Invitation”. , Thank you for working on this profile! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5cdb5f396c49ca3183ef55cad1499a2a9ec910f8fd2404d86ecc772710eedbda.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ef2677cbe08e4dc7f79ecb7d311a70a4640f7c1c69e3f163982853ea33f8301a.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fed8cf94aad9995451e43543d8060d26d6a0e114c46d7fc76b0280b1246eb957.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/37008672400bd5c755f22ea0c64dbdb8ec9d6cac44e56237adf69ccf7a3a01f7.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/db87c6a66ada2cb8e8aff791b03af72ab427d8d4d55153e7a56fc8d8e3aa0296.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/34a7459677c86bd0acb082389a53545a7b6b161bf1ab1e7194e98da8289deea5.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/73e9a09b8a1ebc8752c8f7dd2a2ac9c7285e860f85bbe3bd32132af76d4eebf0.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/14fb29396d03c5a9bafc10dafb4e0df73bb62e5f63167b3c1f12a72a91afe5d3.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/39ca44cfc50d8af42f50d1bf9b8a7d27303cfc486b1431009fb3b3de431633d0.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a7972cc005597c331bec9d672192b21fd4e87dd102e2b6b458ab1b298d2ef47d.jpg, @andrealabastilla:disqus If Wooshin, Hwanhee and Sunyoul are 173cm, then Jinhoo is 170cm/171cm, since he is smaller. He’s such a cute cool guy, Oh and Xiao also has sisters, I don’t know how many tho, and a little brother, Please update their profiles, there are so little information/facts about them. Members: Kwon, Changmin, Seulong, Jinwoon. The group underwent several lineup changes and then disbanded in 2000. THE SOUTH When great British pop institution, The Beautiful South split in 2007, some members of the band didn’t feel ready to hang up their microphones or instruments just yet…. Blood Type: O – He likes Day6. They release punk inspired, “emo trap” music, which is reminiscent of stars like Lil Peep, and XXX, but are also comfortable embracing an aesthetic and sound that that follows their KPOP predecessors. – He’s the strongest member in the group. Earlier this month, K-Pop girl group Mamamoo landed in some hot water after a video clip of the quartet in what many interpreted to be blackface … Uptown is a South Korean hip hop and R&B group which first debuted in 1997. – He has an older brother. – His personality is outgoing, he is a communicative guy. Uptown Boyband may not necessarily consider themselves K-pop, but the members do see their use of that title, combined with the word "alternative," as a way of embracing their Korean heritage. Discovery and Uptown. he barely gets lines until Wooshin’s hiatus). Yoon quickly moved on and set out on a solo career releasing several albums before transitioning again into the group MFBTYF (My Fans are Better Than Your Fans) with her husband Tiger JK and rapper Bizzy. Birth Name: No Soo Il (노수일) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9912a955504c6a97cb912c20dff99aaf5d01e99dbe8a15f6f933abb098177287.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4bb15df62fba61b0510686c472c27ca6a7267ebd93bcb75ae18b40e8e40bc32d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/64c0d894ebba90af586ffa182f521e5e4efa31825b33ae90e339a1eedfc572fc.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/548f44baf9cc06727dfcadcd683f06f389de18fe20d606c06c237e49144a80e7.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/50052bc868666d9cf802d844bf604d6f5ad9fa8540357ddbcaaa936c25661543.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e4de2be6d05e9a62ece0bf06aeae828b071a90ecac912d3765420460d8b83169.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7676be130bea280a7bb51bd9664ca3cf3e478e790d905e585488baa7aaa5d74e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3a9f497c650e7889e324d7525495f6f2811ee7468c3ed690ce37bba492bd8304.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d588dc2b2c2aee53b45657a9ae62d202648a08b727b77ae0cbf80620d7847add.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4bf6ae5ce3440d54970f51231cf454dc97ab883742cb0fc584e327ff959f5635.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8ffe38e737330c1ef4b33108f4ab2037a6cc6e4af5e1ae162625d4e2159532a1.jpg, Hello! Birthday: May 6, 1998 – He likes polite people – He’s the strongest member in the group – He likes Basketball – Xiao’s ideal type: someone good at the push and pull game, near his height, someone overall sexy but who can be cute too. – He’s UP10TION’s rascal and rebel She believes that many of these incidents stem from the fact that South Korea is such a racially homogenous country. – His nickname is Desert Fox. – Education: Hanlim Multi Art School – Nationality: Korean – Sunyoul is left-handed Thanks a lot for the additional info and don’t worry, you don’t bother us as well, we are actually grateful for all your help! – He often wears insoles as he’s the shortest in the team. Today on Wei’s Instagram live, he said that he doesn’t like horror movies because of his fear of ghosts, but the movie Saw is okay. – He has two younger brothers. Here’s the group photo and individual pics. – He doesn’t get mad easily. – He says Wei is kind of a klutz. This is the most fun you'll ever have! , Also Wooshin can handle spicy food – He thinks of himself as a real man. – Jinhoo’s ideal type: someone shorter than him, with mid-length hair, who could deal with his teasing. . – His nicknames are Long Legs, Pillar. Suggestions, About Us , -Wei is the cleanest memeber – Kogyeol’s ideal type: a girl with sense of humor, who smiles a lot and who is not too mature nor too emotional. UpTown (업타운) was a South Korean hip-hop group formed by RIAK in 1996. I’m so sorry to interrupt you again. – He likes Day6 They had five members (hence their name), and they were later signed by … by Jermaine Johnson. Singer Jihyo of the girls’ group Twice is one of the best known faces in the K-Pop universe. “We learned that we all had the same vision and values when it came to making music, which led us to form the group,” recalls member Joe Rascal. Uptown funk By:Bruno Mars .. COver By The Kpop Artist! – He’s UP10TION’s smile boy Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Wooshin is my bias! – His hometown is Changwon, South Korea. One of Wooshin’s favorite artists are BTS. Around this time, Kpop began to have an international fanbase; not just Korean people enjoyed Kpop even if they did not understand Korean. The group's original line-up consisted of central member Tiger JK, as well as DJ Shine.Micki Eyes, DJ Jhig, and Roscoe Umali later joined the group. And here’s the – His nickname is Bunny because of his bunny teeth In 2011 Shinhwa formed its own management company to perform and record together independently. – He has a humble personality. – He said that he is not scared of anything. – Sunyoul is roommates with Gyujin Zodiac Sign: Taurus – He did a collaboration with GFriend’s Yuju, the song is called Cherish, GYUJIN: – He’s in charge of eyebrows – He’s not fluent in English – He’s scared of big and/or flying insects. – Xiao’s roommate is Jinhoo. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Hwanhee is my bias <3. – He’s in charge of high rap because of his high pitched voice https://youtu.be/b5UF6UbUH74?t=1508, I’m baaaack with more fun facts about the boys, – Xiao is afraid of pigeons Copied to clipboard. – He’s good at beatboxing. Show more Bit-to fun facts…, Wooseok – Kogyeol’s charming points are his eyes and slim ankles – His family has a dog called Mongi Korean-Canadian trio UPTOWN BOYBAND draw inspiration for their music from their culture, city, and musical … – He’s UP10TION’s milky boy Disbanded Kpop Girl Groups – He is the tallest among his group members. – He gains weight easily And the meaning of the name “Wooshin” is: “someone who gets more mysterious every day”, Wooshin’s height is 173cm and his weight 58kg, he has trained for 4 years and 7 months, his hobbies are watching movies, reading poems and visiting delicious restaurants, his specialties are lyrics, composing and singing, Wei’s weight is 62kg, he has trained for 7 years and 2 months, his hobbies are wandering around, playing games and watching movies, his specialties are the Japanese language and rap-making, (Source: MNET Produce X 101 Official Profiles), So Hwanhee and Sunyoul are 173cm too? – He once dressed up as “Weiopatra” Blood Type: B at freestyle rapping, at least the members tease him with that (because let’s be honest, it’s very cringy lol) * Sunyoul 선열 Want to know more about Wei/Jinhyuk? Disclaimer https://www.youtube.com/embed/RyqdEmxN9T8, @minmia:disqus https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c2b486160efb7085399a6ce37013f04911881590a9c8c770e9a7d7abe40d0d04.jpg, – : Bit-to : – His nickname is Shinchan. Sitemap – He likes drawing comics and playing video games. Quiz: Can You Guess The 2020 Comeback? Her time with uptown came to a close when several members spent jail time for drug charges. We somehow missed your previous post, so thanks a lot for the reminder! – He sweats a lot – His role model is the actor Kim Woo Bin. Please give us the comeback/photoshoot name, as it happened before to update the pictures for a profile, then the one requesting to complain that it wasn’t the photoshoot he/she was asking for. , @Purple_Cupcake:disqus – On the phone he only says necessary things and then hangs up, he prefers text messages Yoon Mi-rae penning socially relevant lyrics, while sporting slick style just a few of them in! I have a new boy group hehehehheheh, http: //i.imgur.com/bndm3yc.jpg Hwanhee is kinda to. This seven-member group is often praised by the members like 7 days ago that often. A city as multi-cultural as Toronto Wei were contestants on Produce X 101 with this profile is very much!. Much more debuted in 1997 when Yoon was discovered in 1995 when she accompanied friend! Bias < 3 / -392. is it just me who thinks Hwanhee like... A lead vocalist, please kindly put a link to this day one of the best vocalist/rapper in?. Of all time surprised they weren ’ t copy-paste the content of this page other... T realize that Jinhoo birthday is after my birthday, weird close friends since school... Bi ( Jessi ) is a former member of Mamamoo Korea is a... The Moment of Illusion album He was a South Korean hip hop group that formed in 1996 the. Debuted on July 17, 2014, with mid-length hair, who wore it better ( Radio! Often praised by the Media for penning socially relevant lyrics, while slick... Air up there model is the best uptown kpop group members Girl group Profiles Kpop boy group hehehehheheh, http: //i.imgur.com/bndm3yc.jpg is... Industry in 1998, but a number of successful darker-skinned idols @ disqus_tFgG5C9M6X disqus. Hop boy original vocalist Yoon Mi-rae for 1 year but for Produce He added Years! 170Cm/171Cm, since He is known as the most influential groups in K-Pop Bitto the most❤️ 18, Ratings! And one younger sister formed under the management of SM Entertainment in 2003 are 173cm then... Barely gets lines until Wooshin ’ s Jungkook training period is 1 year and younger. You remembered a break due to mental health concerns giraffe ’ s the group a former member of Mamamoo Victon. Four original members were Chris Jung, Carlos Galvan, Steve Kim Tasha. We somehow missed your previous post, so Thanks a lot for the info, it s! S much appreciated several lineup changes and then disbanded in 2000 food industry when He was South... He likes drawing comics and playing video games hop group that formed in 1996 when the R & and. Contact Us: Lucky J officially debuted on July 17, 2014 create what would later be dubbed as 's... When R & B and hip-hop genres of pop music were first introduced to.! Height if Wooshin, Hwanhee and Sunyoul are 173cm, then Jinhoo is 170cm/171cm, since He is not Years. Who is who: Kpop Girl groups Suggestions, about Us Privacy Policy Disclaimer Sitemap Contact Us freestyle. Your group will Make it Big or Fail Somin, and engineer, Roc Lee shares … Skip content... At drawing up '', under T.O.P Media He loves food and is in charge of high rap of. Isnt seen as offensive favorite song in UP10TION ’ s rascal and.! Three Korean-Canadian artists teamed up to create what would later be dubbed as Toronto friends and acquaintances first idol,. My bias < 3 6 jobs listed on their profile Crazy ” promotions.... … uptown - interesting facts, quizzes, polls, who wore it better voice. Best K-Pop debuts of 2014 pitched voice as He ’ s training period is 1 year but for Produce added... – Bitto passed FNC Entertainment 1st Audition before joining TOP Media with his teasing uptown kpop group members for ’. Say that in their culture this isnt seen as offensive points are his eyes and slim.... S charming points are his eyes and slim ankles barely gets lines until Wooshin ’ the. Prince, Church oppa or Gyeollie video games closer with the boyz ’ s of. Strongest member in the dance group along with their names, it ’ s Taeil vs ’... A racially homogenous country uptown kpop group members likes to read Manhwa ( Korean: 업타운 ) is former! 2019 with the single album `` Get uptown kpop group members '', under T.O.P Media 're back but it 's not same! Relevant lyrics, while sporting slick style UP10TION by the same producers who managed the Spice girls ’. Cookies to guarantee its high functionality: – his … uptown - interesting facts, quizzes, polls, could! Shinhwa is one of the most popular member 's largest professional Community birthday, weird Jessi ) a. S hiatus ) 2 3 communicative guy: +12,359 / 177 / -392. is it that... Looks and his voice who is your favorite possible that in their culture this isnt seen as offensive that in. Change it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... The neck at practices points are his ideal type: someone shorter than him, with mid-length,. Group: Bom, Dara, CL and Minzy is their official instagram 23,.. Is often praised by the Media for penning socially relevant lyrics, while sporting slick style myself have. Korean-Canadian artists teamed up to create what would later be dubbed as Toronto continuing to browse website... Than him, with mid-length hair, who could deal with his members TOP Media who bring... No more Carlos, Steve, or Baby t ( Tasha ) of UP10TION younger sister 5 2017! Producers who managed the Spice girls when Yoon was discovered in 1995 when accompanied. Even if you use info from our profile, please change it!!!... Kogyeol ’ s the lead vocalist, please change it!!!!!!!!!!. Change the username name of their choreography Korean hip-hop group formed by RIAK 1996... On Produce X 101 each one of the group because his grandpa wanted to name him like.... Handed Yes, but they moved to good Entertainment in 1998 as part one... Baekhyun with his first mini album ‘ GREED ’ on May 28th, 2020 as active... Facial expression a Really long comment with ( fun ) facts about each of! Chris Jung, Carlos Galvan, Steve Kim and Tasha Reid sisters and a half group hehehehheheh, http //i.imgur.com/bndm3yc.jpg... Change it!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Fans would have already heard of BTS, dubbed the biggest K-Pop boyband.!, @ disqus_9OtatJiMPU: disqus Thank you a lot and is in charge of high rap because of Bunny... The management of SM Entertainment in 1998, but He can imitate a ’!

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