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If you especially, want to know how to make a double-sided fleece blanket, and do it in no time too, then this DIY project is for you. Ii would check on the bolt of the fabric when you have it cut to find the washing/drying instructions. A handmade no-sew creation with two pieces of woolen fleece lending a soft touch when you wrap it around. Next cut out slits - almost like a fringe - about 3 inches deep all the way around the fabric. Share it with us! Reply on Introduction. on Introduction. Answer For a baby blanket you will need 1 yard of each fabric (so, 2 total yards). Answer Make sure the length and width of the fleece is cut in whole inches. The majority of the sewing patterns on Fleece Fun are designed to work with polar fleece*. Then you need some fleece fabric project in this easy fleece blankets DIY project. Cut out a rectangle from both corners with a pair of scissors (see tips). Follow these instructions on how to make your first fleece tie blanket. Polar fleece is also good for no-sew projects (like a flower – get the free tute here) or tie blankets.Polar Fleece can be divided in to two categories, anti-pill and non anti-pill. Today. Knotted fleece pillow. Required fields are marked *. Those blankets are essentially made with two layers of fleece fabric tied together. Creating a Braided Blanket Edge Sew 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) from the edges of 2 layers … Take a hiatus from your stitching projects to do something more fun using your favorite fabrics with less investment of time and effort. Add a book and give as a gift. So I have two pieces of fabric on top of each other and trimmed so all the edges match up. Animal Shelter Requirements For Tie Fleece Blankets As the happy holidays are about to start, you can join hands with your kids to bask in the season of joy and festive glory, crafting a winter throw. You can also see my tutorial for them here. With just a little sewing you can get an entirely different look by attaching some woven fabric to your fleece. It’s all pink this year for your little lass jumping around the house with excitement, waiting for Santa’s gifts. These hold up well for years! I Have been trying to Print instructions for making a " NO SEW FLEECE BLANKET " I want to start my Xmas Presents soon. Check out three different ways to make a pet tie blanket courtesy of the Snuggles Project. No-Sew Fleece Fabric Kits, or "Tie Blanket" kits are a super fun way to make someone a gift, make yourself a cozy throw, or do something generous for those in need. Here is a uber cool DIY guide to making a fleece tie blanket for your four-legged buddy. Bring the outdoor into your child’s bedroom with the fleece tied throw merrily glowing displaying the happy faces of these adorable butterflies, snails, bees, and caterpillars. You do not have to be an expert when it comes to making a fleece tie blanket since the technique used here is incredibly easy. Fleece Blanket. Lay the two pieces of fleece wrong sides together. Thread the needle. https://www.guidepatterns.com/how-to-make-tie-fleece-blanketstutorials.php on Step 10. We had a great time making these blankets from fleece scraps before, but a lot of the women don’t know how to sew. If you highlight the instructions you wish to print you can print them out without printing the whole q&a section. You'll take your slash piece, you want both pieces, top and bottom, and kind of stretch it out a little bit, and you'll use your finger to make a little loop. Use a rotary cutter and cut right along the edge of your ruler or straight-edge. Makes a gorgeous DIY gift! Actually the fabric is not inside out so there’s no reason to flip them. No sewing required! Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Who doesn’t love creamy cupcakes and yummy ice creams? 4 different ways to tie a fleece blanket – Video Tutorial No sew ways to finish off the edges of a fleece blanket To make a single layer fleece blanket, you use the same method, except that there's only one layer of fringe involved. How to make a tie blanket from fleece: Cut the selvage edges off the fleece and make both pieces the same size. How to Make Tie Fleece Blankets: 29 Tutorials. All rights reserved. A movie marathon evening session with a bowl of popcorn and a brewing cup of coffee is apt for the situation where you sit unperturbed wrapped in a fleece tie blanket on the couch. Those tie/knot blankets use 4 yards of fabric. Why do u need to put wrong sides together? Question The first is a very simple, overhand kind of knot. Another cool DIY handcraft for adding some bright tones to your blanket without getting into too much detailing. Here are some directions just in case you are still needing some. For a child's blanket, 1 1/2 yards works well (a total of 3 yards). Get it as soon as Thu, Jan 7. Cut out a square about 3-4 inches from each corner. With the fabric on top of each other, trim off any ends as necessary to make them the same size. Your sewing skills can take a backseat as making a fleece tie blanket basically demands you to cut and knot the cozy fabrics. There are about a thousand tutorials out there for how to make a fleece blanket, and close to 99% of them involve cutting the edges and trying knots all the way around the blanket. But I can not find a site that lets me print the instructions. So may this enticing warm throw all dazzling in white and pink could make it to her wish fulfilled list. Option 1: Beginning at one corner of the blanket, take one fringe strip (both … on Step 1. If the slits are too short, you won't be able to double knot them. 3 Different Looks for Fleece Blankets: Same 3 Blankets - Flipped Over #2 - A LITTLE SEWING. This way, you have the same number of slits all the way around. Select your fleece fabric and measure it to size. Fold the blanket and wrap with a ribbon (or even a piece of the fabric that you trimmed off). This cookie monster tied fleece blanket is one very nice project. Bet the young members of the family would be the first to wrap it around for some snuggly warmth. Extremely warm and cozy!! This is a bit of a personal viewpoint, I realize. 2 years ago You will need 2 pieces of fleece, about 1 to 1 1/4 yards each, a pair of fabric scissors (or a rotary cutter - much easier! Tie Your Fleece Strips. Flannel fabric, of course. Our local Moms in Motion group (go MIMs!) It's a fun project that's easy enough that the non-professional sewer can do it, but challenging enough to be a real activity. Measure the bed. Hope this helps. Reply Your email address will not be published. Highlight, right click on your mouse, then select print. How much material will it take to make a blanket for a baby bed? If … This tutorial used a 1 1/4 yard remnant, creating a fleece blanket approximately 45" x 58" (fringe included). Did you use a piece of fabric and a piece of felt or can I use two pieces of fabric? An ultra-thick and comfy throw made by joining individual fringed squares using the same fleece tie blanket-making trick. Lay fleece out with wrong-sides-together (pretty sides on the outside). Directions for Making Fleece Tie Blankets.pdf, Colorful Wrapped Rope Macrame Knot Necklace. Saved from youtube.com. Well now you can! And there are two main ways that you can tie off this blanket. Explore. Use something rectangular in shape to measure. 2 years ago A funky blanket no-knitting project you cannot resist from trying out as it will be done in just a few hours. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. If you'd like to make a reversible fleece blanket, which can be used with either side up, you need enough fleece for two complete blanket-sized layers. Question Probably dry on low setting. on Step 2. Regular cycle (use a short cycle if you’re concerned) and dryer is fine. 7 months ago 1 year ago. on Introduction. So the graphic you want to show will be on the outside of the blanket. 6 years ago Tutorial for a scallop edge fleece blanket, using an iPhone tied to my head because I don't have a GoPro. To attach the top piece of fleece to the bottom piece of fleece, tie … That means some of these homemade fleece blankets don’t even require sewing. 1 year ago. Polar Express tie fleece blanket; Braided Edge ; Basketweave fleece blanket; All of the above patterns are no sew tie fleece blankets and are suitable for kids to make. I' m wanting to make a couple queen sized tie blankets. 1.5 yards solid fleece* Scissors; Cardboard cut to 4″x4″ Shop all fleece selections on Etsy | Walmart | Amazon * Use the same size for a toddler blanket. This picture shows that you cut the slits through both pieces of fabric while they are layered together. _ - I live in Canada and I want to find instructions for free to print. The only difference is that you will be spared from using needles and yarns as the following DIY projects are completely based on no-sewing a no-knitting method. This type of 'no-knot (knotted) edging' should hold up well if laundered on a gentle cycle in your washer. Most quilting needles are about 3" long with a large eye. Make sure you cut out the square from all 4 corners of the fabric. Remember you will lose at least 6-8 inches from the ties. Great for any Cookie Monster lover. 4.2 out of 5 stars 124. The knots on this method turn out nice and tidy. You will need to decide how big you want your blanket to be and whether or not you want the blanket to be different on each side, which I personally recommend. In today’s post: Learn how to make an easy fleece blanket with a pretty fringed edge. Use a quilting needle, or a large needle. on Step 10, How do you wash a blanket like this and can it be put in a dryer. Halloween may be over, but you can recreate the spooky ambiance with a skull head-printed fleece tie blanket. Remember if you made it larger, it could advance with the child into a toddler bed! While working on a fleece tie blanket, make sure you select the fabrics that complement each other to come up with a catchy DIY creation. © 2021 (Guide Patterns). How to Hand Tie a Fleece Blanket Step by Step. Lift the décor quotient of your room with a floral blanket that will keep you warm and comfortable on a cool, breezy day. This is the simplest way to tie your blanket quickly. 6 years ago Tying the Fringe. 45. Then I cut 3-4 inch stripes every 1 1/2 inches. Winnie the Pooh Single Layer Fleece Tie Blanket. Even your pets need some care, especially during the winter days. This one is pretty universal! Ok, here’s the reason why I brought this up. . If you're making a single-layer fleece blanket, which will have a right side and a wrong side; you need just enough fabric for one layer. A combination of colors and earthy beauty, the blanket, adds a smidgen of glam when everything around gets covered up in the snow. For that reason, we decided to make no-sew fleece blankets instead. This will prevent bunching of the material in the corners and help to make tying easier. Fleece is an easy fabric to sew with, and it doesn’t fray, so you don’t have to finish the edges. DIY Cookie Monster Tied Fleece Blanket . Just make sure you cut deep enough so that you can tie the pieces together. 2 years ago. Question Knot fringes together around blanket, using 1 strand from the front and 1 strand from the back. 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