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Alphabetical List Of Board Games. Which The Witcher 3 Villain Are You, Based On Your Zodiac? List of Underworld characters; List of suicides in fiction; List of Beast Wars characters; List of fictional centenarians; Community. Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition released a list of the top 50 video game characters, based on feedback from a 13,000-person pool of gamers. Tisiphone 7. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers, 10 Games to Play if You Liked Immortals Fenyx Rising, The Hottest Game Characters Alphabet From A To Z, 10 Pokemon And Their Perfect Star Wars Partner, The 10 Best Superhero Games Of The Last 5 Years (According To Metacritic), The 10 Best Pokemon Games Of The Last 5 Years (According To Metacritic), Cyberpunk 2077: The 10 Funniest Created Characters That'll Make You Laugh, The 10 Best Horror Games Of 2020, According To Metacritic, 10 Pokemon Who Resemble Lord Of The Rings Characters, Animal Crossing: The 10 Weirdest Things Villagers Have Said To Players, Pokémon GO: 15 Challenging Pokémon To Catch, Cyberpunk 2077: The Romance Options, Ranked. The female sidekick from the best Mass Effect ever made, Miranda Lawson is smoking hot. Reply. Decked out in a simple black and white outfit all tied together with those iconic red running shoes, Faith is able to take simple and make it overwhelmingly hot. Big & Tall and Curvy Tees are our specialties! A list of every video game ever made: 43,806 names, and counting. 10 Funniest Korok Dialogues Throughout Breath Of The Wild, 10 Final Fantasy Characters & Their Perfect Pokemon Partners, Godfall: 10 Hilarious Memes Only True Fans Understand, Animal Crossing: 15 Hardest Fish to Catch (& How To Catch Them), Age of Calamity: 10 Memes That Prove The Game Makes No Sense, 10 Confirmed Xbox Games Coming In 2021 (But Have No Release Dates), Immortals Fenyx Rising: 10 Hilarious Memes That Prove The Game Makes No Sense. For example: Sour Alyn is listed under "A" for Alyn and not "S" for Sour. New, 21 comments. One of the undisputed babes of gaming, Lara Croft comes in two iterations: the original character decked out in a blue tank top and tiny khaki shorts with twin handguns and an absurdly pointy chest, and the newer reboot version. 1 Disney 1.1 LucasArts 2 Game Sets 2.1 Nintendo 2.2 Sega 3 Capcom USA 4 Namco Bandai Games 5 Square Enix 5.1 Eidos 5.2 Taito … Aside from being a complete bombshell, Kasumi is able to wreck fools with ease, thanks to her high-flying flips and spins, coupled with quick kicks, chops, and power attacks. The best heroes in video games can mean so many things to so many people. All Categories / TV and Movies Tier List Templates. Share Share Tweet Email. The boss from Tekken Tag Tournament, Unknown has a pretty lacking name, but makes up for it with her sizzling outfit and fighting style. One thing is for sure: you better be in serious shape if you’re going to try to date Faith, her idea of a first date would most likely involve some death defying urban acrobatics. The list can be automatically organized by name, rank, nationality, appearances, or year of birth and death. I’m really looking for the season premiere tomorrow! The supreme Nora Huntress able to down a Thunderjaw with a bow and a few traps and tripwires, Aloy is extremely hot. Instantly lauded as one of the most desirable girls in gaming, Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite is girl next-door cute. These are the hottest characters of all time. Video Games A Z . 26. Every match is an intense 6v6 battle between a cast of unique heroes, each with their own incredible powers and abilities. Two Valentines in a row! 0. This is a list of characters in Battle for Dream Island, Battle for Dream Island Again, IDFB, Battle for BFDI, Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two, BFDI Mini, BFDI Mini Again and BFDI Mini Deluxe, in alphabetical order. \r . Science T-Shirts | Sci-Fi T-Shirts | Fantasy T-Shirts The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Kicking bad guy butt is always more fun when you’re playing as an extremely attractive woman. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . It’s also a total plus if you get to venture to all your couples hunts together on the back of a broadhead as well — even if that hunt just ends up being Aloy corrupting a Rockbreaker and watching it fight its brethren under the stars. Pac-Man. One of the first babes in widespread gaming, Samus might be the most badass babe on this list. Almost all games have characters in them. Usually wearing a miniskirt and jacket, once players complete God Hand (if they felt so inclined to do so), Olivia will dress up in a bunny costume for the next play through. Alphabetical Video Games. He also enjoys horror movies, good books, and writing (duh). Take Master Chief, for example. Is it a collection of the sexiest video game characters to ever grace gamers' screens? Mentioned in a previous article that focused on some of the hottest fighting girls in the gaming world, Helena Douglas is a serious smoke show from the Dead Or Alive series. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Yes. Comment. 1. Recently Changed Pages. We bring you the neatest, weirdest, and Video game following the story line of The Lego Movie (2014). When you combine brains and brawn into such an attractive package, it’s hard to compete. Chrodechild from Suikoden s… Aya Brea from Parasite Eve series 3. In addition to general J-Pop cuteness, D.Va packs a serious punch in battle, able to call down her trusty mech that she’ll instantly eject from and send self-destructing into a group of enemies. This category should contain characters that originate from, or have made an appearance in, a video game. Advertisement 9 Yoshi She’s a bonafide badass with a bow and a will to survive; even the biggest and baddest machines can’t get in her way. Not to be confused with Carter the Archaeologist. Can you name the video game characters whose names begin with the letter 'U'? How to Play. Ben is a freelance writer that loves dogs, beer, and thrash metal. Chell from Portal series 4. One of the most traveled characters in gaming, Samus is always on the lookout for space pirates or another Metroid to adopt, after in it imprints on her anyway. As an inquisitive photojournalist, Jade is a brave and competent character driven by the desire to help people around her. These are video game series where two or more games have LGBT characters. Pages in category "Lists of video game characters" The following 29 pages are in this category, out of 29 total. Tom Nook is the shady loan shark in the otherwise-friendly world of Animal Crossing.. “You owe me 39,800 bells for this house. A true femme fatale, Ivy doesn’t mess around, especially when it comes to kicking all the other guys and gals butts in the Soul Caliber universe while showing off her serious curves. Cid Highwind. Funny T-Shirts | Horror T-Shirts | Video Game T-Shirts. 2. The dude-with-a-tude’s impact spawned all sorts of offbeat video game characters, from Crash Bandicoot and Earthworm Jim to Bubsy, Conker the Squirrel and Rayman. The fighting system is amazing and satisfying. Plus if things ever go south, she’s definitely going to be pulling butts out of the fire, all while popping zombie heads, most likely without breaking a sweat. 2 Batman 3 Hero 4 Robin 5 Hero 6 Batgirl 7 Hero 8 Nightwing 9 Hero 10 Alfred 11 Clayface 12 Villians 13 Mr. Nyx 4. Due to the vast variety of characters in the series, many have yet to be listed. Sporting a classic Chinese straight sword and a spunky demeanor, Xianghua is a bonafide hotty among the many bombshells in the weapons based fighting game franchise. By Owen S. Good Apr 20, 2014, 12:02pm EDT Source Pastebin and Kotaku. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Wielding one of the most powerful weapons in the world is one thing, but looking like a red headed goddess while hacking the limbs off your foes with it is quite another. One of the hottest ladies in all of gaming, Jill Valentine is a serious survivor; she survived the Spencer Mansion, Raccoon City, you name it. Basically, the Jill Valentine of the dinosaurs, Regina from Dino Crisis is a babe with some Cretaceous killing instinct under her belt. January 20, 2015 at 11:49 am . Each gorgeous character corresponds to a letter; characters are judged on physical looks, personality, and combat ability to rank in the sexiest of all time. Of course, it was going to be Zelda. Alphabetical List Of Video Games The list is presented in alphabetical order. The only name as well known to those outside gaming as Mario, Zelda has been breaking gamer’s hearts since her original appearance in 1987 (if you’re outside of Japan that is). The 50 Greatest Video Game Characters ... the actor was recently on the receiving end of a Guinness World Record nod for longest-running actor in any video game franchise. Comment. The 15 Fastest Video Game Characters Ever And Their Estimated Top Speed. Share Share Tweet Email. A blonde bombshell with a curvaceous figure and a set of opera pipes to back it up, Helena makes her foes sing while she beats the ever loving poop out of them. A woman that can hit her target from a thousand paces with accuracy is extremely hot, especially when she’s bunny hopping around the map like she mistook caffeine pills for skittles. ... will usually have a town mayor that greets and gives a brief tutorial to the protagonist at the beginning of each game. Mario is classic, of course, but I love Q*Bert and Inky, myself. Most gamers wouldn’t mind having her as a companion on a journey, especially donning an axe in a bunny suit while keeping the mood light and flirtatious. This list shows all champions as they appear in the store, along with their assigned classes, release dates and purchase costs. These sexy video game characters prove are unbelievable. These sexy video game characters prove are unbelievable. Nathan Drake. List items Dora the Explorer has had a number of video games over the years. Wearing a yellow jacket that is cut way too short and never zipped, and shorts that may just be the first ever denim bikini bottoms, she could fix any of our cars any day. Decked out in a skin fitting leather military suit and scrambling for her dear life from velociraptors and the like, Regina is one serious babe that you’ll have to be up on your cardio to keep up with. Sure, it may not be that she’s meant to be interpreted that way, but she definitely isn’t hard to look at in the newer titles. Is the alphabet an amazing construct of human society that benefits all of civilization? Sure, the armor may be unsightly for date night, but once she pops that puppy off, a blonde bombshell emerges in a skintight latex suit that accentuates all of her unarmored assets. So Turian’s have to have something going on, because it seems like human messiahs can’t get enough of them. He says it's the last in the Alphabet series, so if you're a fan, you'd better snatch it up while you can. The alphabet is one of the building blocks of our society; it organizes our letters into an easily recognizable and duplicated pattern, allowing it be taught to all speakers and writers of the English language. The 70 best video game characters of the decade. \r . Even if she deals out a supreme butt kicking when you step out of line, she can whip up a strong cocktail to ease the pain. Olivia is also a total flirt, taking it a bit far some times, ending with her associating axe play with foreplay. One of the only girls in space to have an accent, Miranda is one of the prime romance options for any horny Commander Sheppard to consider. These are the female characters who are protagonists or playable characters for the majority of the time. And for an alluring voice, there is always the gift of fan art, making GLaDOS into whatever tantalizing cyber fantasy that gamers may have. Overwatch is a vibrant team-based shooter set on a near-future earth. The following is a list of characters that appear in the games, listed by game in chronological order of its release.It should be noted that the games Pokémon Snap and Pokémon Ranger are associated with the generations of their release, although they are not actually games of those generations.. New Pokémon also debuted at the launch of each generation. There are few that are more desirable than Vetra Nyx, the Turian drifter mercenary. Thanatos 9. Aside from being up on her survival skills, Regina is also a master of weapons, being able to wield the dinkiest handgun to the heaviest machine gun with extreme accuracy. He would later get his own series of video games that ranged from platformers to mini-game titles. Of those 179 games, only 83 have queer characters who are playable characters. Path of Zuko is a puzzle-solving video game for the PC/MAC based upon Avatar: The Last Airbender. Not only is she attractive, but she’s also a good person. The Chthonic gods are gods of the underworld under Hades's rule. Aside from being nice, she also knows how to have a good time, having bartended in the slums and all. Boasting a skin tight jump suit that accentuates her slender curves, D.Va is a serious threat on and off the battlefield. So put away your Dr. Seuss books, hide your letters flashcards, and don't let your parents know how hot the alphabet can be. Once that defense is down, don’t expect the match to last long; she’s able to unleash a flurry of attacks similar to Jin’s move set, meaning that few will be left standing once she starts swinging. The people, animals, and robots we’ve loved. She can outdrive any of the plumbers, no matter what color of overalls they’re wearing, as well as her many time captor, Bowser, in addition to every other resident of the mushroom kingdom. For example: Lord Redwyne is under "R". Staff 1.2 U.A. Impressive, sure. Megaera 5. Not only is she a smoke show, she’s more than combat able, easily able to down the most intimidating Krogan or Reaper. I agree. Bayonetta/Cereza from Bayonetta series 1. Cyrax Like this? A scientist present states to Mr. Z that the monsters were placed in cryo-tubes that are hidden where nobody can find them. Also, this is not a ranked list of which character is the best or most successful, so please keep that in mind. List of video games: D-H. Edit. Samus Aran from Metroid series 2. This game is the follow-up to the hugely successful Lego video games, and will build on them by taking a great many DC Super Heroes and Lego set builders from all sorts of different series and stacking them all together on the same team for comedic effect. New, 21 comments. (Characters whose names are bolded here are iconic characters) 1. Jump to Final Fantasy X2, and now Yuna is a pistol toting badass with a serious cut in her usual uniform and some shorts that are barely containing what they should. But the point is, Mario and Luigi are household names while other classic video game characters remain identity-less. 147,940 Pages. Some of which released on Nintendo Gamecube, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS & on the Nintendo Wii. Raising more than a few eyebrows when she made her appearance in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Quiet is a serious asset to Solid Snake, or whatever his name is when he stopped being the real snake, on any battlefield. Recent Changes About us Current events Policy Forum Help Recent blog posts Explore. This page lists all characters from the A Song of Ice and Fire series alphabetically according to the characters’ first names, regardless of if the character is better known by a nickname. Being able to dance around the ring like a deadly ballerina, Xianghua is a nigh unstoppable force when combat is involved. Let's hope that Square Enix never wants to bring back the male Cid again. While the character’s yellow “mouth” design is highly limited, its simplicity may be a huge part of why Pac-Man is so well known. By Sean Murray Mar 31, 2017. Every subsequent follow up in the Zelda series has improved graphically, finally bringing Princess Zelda to the realm of stunning beauty. 15. Video Game Character Archive SPOILER ALERT! If there are zombies and the need for a woman in a tight mini skirt or a sexy S.T.A.R.S. If cuteness is the factor, few touch on Xianghua, especially when she’s throwing her sword around. List Of My Favorite Animated Movie,TV Show, and Video Game Characters | The Parody Wiki | Fandom. Yoshi Credit: Nintendo. An "N/A" denotes that any information is either unknown or unspecified. A list of every video game ever made: 43,806 names, and counting. \r . Not only that, but she’s extremely intelligent to the point of being freighting thanks to her genetic pedigree, which was disturbingly enough picked out by her father before her birth. Alphabetical List Of Arcade Games. Confirmed playable characters: Hypnos 8. uniform, Jill is your girl. Well, a lot has to do with personality, look, and feel. Random Video; Popular Videos. Who says that you can’t get freaky with an alien? 100 Classic games: 2467: 2626: 11: 1001 BlockBusters (DSiWare) 2003: 10828: 12: 1001 Japanese Crosswords: 1001: 0: 0: 1001 Touch Games: 66: 59: 4: 101 in 1 Sports Megamix: 101: 710: 10: 101 Shark Pets (DSiWare) 15: 0: 0: 101-in-1 Explosive Megamix (WiiWare) 101: 331: 4: 101-in-1 Games: 101: 3746: 56: 101-in-1 Games: 155: 1001: 30: 101-in-1 Games HD: 110: 124: 7: 101-in-1 Party Megamix: 101: 295: … Videos; BracketFights; Login; By continuing to browse our site, you agree to our Cookie Policy. This page is an on-going project. From her seriously toned curves, to her lighting fast ninja fighting style, Kasumi leaves bones and hearts broken with little difficulty. It helps that the Tomb Raider games are a blast to play, including one of the most successful gaming reboots in history. It’s hard enough to defend against a woman who’s on a path of vengeance, even harder when she looks as good as Helena Douglass. When any of the villagers have something on their mind, he lends them an ear (and also enlists the help of any compatible villager to befriend) As the town's kind spiritual leader, he runs the confessional, the Winter music performance and watches the town's children on most weekdays. We hope you like what you see! Wikis. The first female iteration of the Final Fantasy series' reoccurring character Cid, Cindy Aurum is a babe without a doubt. Star Fox. If possible, unnamed characters are listed under their House name. rom Sonic to Samus, these 15 speedy souls sprint into the history books as the fastest game characters to shine on screen. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. From her change in look, weapons, and profession, she’s more of a babe than ever. Coupled with her cute girl next-door aesthetic and overwhelming perseverance, Elizabeth is a babe indeed. Create New Template. 3. Pages in category "Lists of video game characters" The following 29 pages are in this category, out of 29 total. A character whose greediness gets him into a lot of trouble. If you find battling monsters in random encounters too difficult, you could always become her roadie and follow her band across Spira. It also helps that her shorts are shorter than Battleborn’s relevancy and that her body is toned and fit. Video Game Characters Listed Alphabetically . Video Games Starting With C . Zagreus After finishing your tv or movie tier list, check out these TV and Movie Brackets! Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Path of Zuko Main article: Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Path of Zuko. Some of the video games crossed over with other Nick Jr. characters. I can't decide a ranking so, yeah. Hades 2. Pixar Movies. She's a cute English girl who ends up stealth killing pirates with an ice pick, covered in blood. Note that these are in alphabetical order. The hottest summoner in the Final Fantasy series, Yuna is the love interest of Tidus and essentially every gamer that played Final Fantasy X. )The Western tradition of fable effectively begins with Aesop,… Fable, narrative form, usually featuring animals that behave and speak as human beings, told in order to highlight human follies and weaknesses.A moral—or lesson for behaviour—is woven into the story and often explicitly formulated at the end. Although some will say that romancing a Turian could be odd or even disgusting, there is one piece of evidence that says it is most likely not. Video game series. Plus, you can always put a wig on a potato and make her into one hot potato, (One of my fellow writers came up with that, no credit is due on my part). That's right, we've taken one of the foundations of modern society and pinned the hottest gaming babes from around the globe all over it. And of those, only eight feature a main character who is explicitly pre-written as queer as opposed to them being queer as a character creation option. One of the original damsels in distress, Princess Peach from the Super Mario Bros. franchise has recently taken on a life all her own, being a serious koopa killin’ machine. This is an encyclopaedia of all characters in gaming! There are few things as sexy as girls with some mechanical know how, and Cindy has that is spades. 1 U.A. NEW FEATURE: VOTE & EARN NEATOPOINTS! Depending on the version of the video game, the man will tell Mr. Z either 30 or 40 as Mr. Z states that Scum Labs will be ruined if this gets out to the press. Able to hit targets from an astounding distance and wrangle in a play of the game more often than not, she makes for great backup on the battlefield and in the bedroom. Shirts available in sizes S to 10XL: This website uses cookies to improve user experience. Wiki Content. For minor characters, see: Minor Characters For anime characters, see: Anime Characters Any gamer planning on taking her out on a date may want to make sure she has enough room to pull off her multiple combat styles, if it comes down to that. This is a list of notable fictional characters with the capability for telekinesis. And even more fundamental than that, what it really boils down to is cool character design. This list may not reflect recent changes ( learn more ). The following is a list of the most badass characters to ever be featured in the world of video games. Angel. Navigation for main characters of the Danganronpa video games. Clash in over 20 maps from across the globe, and switch heroes on the fly … Picked up by Ryder during his or her travels through the galaxy in Mass Effect: Andromeda, Vetra Nyx is a smoke show, for a Turian that is. Edit source History Talk (0) Share. I wouldn’t mention it to fans of the Mass Effect series, which have been romancing blue women and all other species and races of space-bred tail since 2007. Add new page . 1. By Ben Johnston Jul 28, 2017. Pages in category "Lists of fictional characters" The following 61 pages are in this category, out of 61 total. Dipped in a form-fitting coat of some type of purple liquid, she is curvaceous and beautiful, able to lower the defenses of even the most aggressive opponent. For information visit here. TV show and movie tier list templates. Annah-of-the-Shadows from Planescape: Torment 1. Random Fact: Angel was created based on the primary art designer's "personal preferences". Please share By Owen S. Good Apr 20, 2014, 12:02pm EDT Source Pastebin and Kotaku. Dressed in the traditional summoners robes, Yuna is voluptuous and undeniably cute. Not only is she a badass in battle, but also she’s able to lend a helping hand because she’s just a good person in general. One of the sexiest snipers in all of gaming, Widowmaker is a seriously badass woman. Animated Disney Movies. Also, yes. Customization and personalization available. A witch with some enchanted hair, Bayonetta, the titular character of the Bayonetta series, is a serious smoke show. Being an accomplished marksman makes any guy want to keep her around, her curves and natural beauty are just an added bonus. This list may not reflect recent changes (). The Parody Wiki. Xianghua is one of those opponents in the Soul Caliber series that most gamers hate to face; her attacks are annoying, her voice acting adds insult to injury, and it’s hard to keep your eyes on your own fighter when your foe is so dang cute. In this case, the less exposed skin, the hotter the heroine. Ada: Ada Wong from the “Resident Evil” video game series, is a mysterious spy working for an unknown company. Either dressed in a swimsuit while playing volleyball or decked out in a revealing ninja one piece, it must be extremely difficult to concentrate on anything other than her extreme beauty when engaged in combat. in Video Game Characters Names The Best Skwovet Nicknames 58 voters Gaming Every 'Smash Ultimate' Character, Ranked 6.1k voters Gaming 15 Video Game Character Designs With Strange And Hilarious Origin Stories 164.1k readers Pokemon The Best Generation 8 Pokémon 3.2k voters Pokemon 9.4k people have voted on The Best Generation 3 Pokemon Gaming 31 people have voted on 16 … It’d be easy to touch on her toned figure, lovely red dreads, and stunningly sharp personality. The form-fitting suit does well enough on its own, but it helps that it has a low cut chest and lower cut back. Sporting a tight body suit with built in high heels, an enchanted handgun, and a fighting style that allows her to kick all types of demon butt, she's a witch that's not to be trifled with. Animated universe characters wikipedia, the free \r . Oh wait, did I say 39,800? This page lists all the characters appearing throughout the My Hero Academia manga, anime and My Hero Academia: Vigilantes manga. List items. D&D Beyond Retro Game Challenge; Rhythm Heaven; Ridge Racer; Risen; Road Fighter; Robopon; Robot; Robotron: 2084; Rock Band; Rod Land; RollerCoaster Tycoon; Rolling Thunder; Romance of the Three Kingdoms; RPG Maker; Rumble Roses; Rune Factory; Runescape; Rush; Rush'n Attack; Rygar Honestly, you can’t really go wrong regardless of which one you’re going with. Well, he's at it again, this time with the Alphabet of Video Game Characters. The game is difficult, but pleasantly difficult, not annoying, which is sometimes difficult to do at an optimal level. The Most Badass Video Game Characters Ever. Next time the Jurassic period is knocking on your door, gamers need look no further than Regina to save their lives and steal their hearts. Classics like Mario, Sonic, Pac … In games, the need for speed is a strong one. Plus, she is able to transform into Sheik on a whim, meaning that her combat ability kicks in as she slinks her way out of trouble, or fights if she has to. A–D He was going to come anyway, plus she was probably too busy being in a different castle. The Tomb Raider series has had such a long run thanks mostly to its sexy protagonist; she was even turning heads in the harsh polygonal days of the original PlayStation. If a foe is somehow immune to that troublesome duo, Ivy decided that she'd take a regular outfit that was a few sizes too small and cut pieces away until it covered the least amount of her body as possible. 1. Below is a list of characters that have appeared in the Call of Duty series. Pull together a list of the most iconic video game characters of all time and chances are there would be very few surprises. "List of Women Characters in Video Games" article likely out of date. You can say that Jade is one of those video game characters that look like women, but act like men. Instead of worrying about electrified whip attacks, foes now have to keep their eyes on the prize when it comes time to defend themselves. This category is comprised of the various characters who appear on the Angry Video Game Nerd web show and in the feature film based on that show. Alphabetical List Of Games. Also, she isn’t inherently evil, she got screwed over, and now must torture test subjects for all eternity. Female video game characters often have a hard time keeping their dignity intact in digital worlds that are, more often than not, ruled and controlled by men. Neatorama is the neat side of the Web. Controversy aside, she's well worth having around on the battlefield. We’re here to right those wrongs today.

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