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It’s quality materials and engineering, all fitting together in a beautiful looking design. Especially since they are vitrified which makes cutting them very similar to tiles i.e they are tough as hell! So yeah, you’re taking up half the living room, but you look awesome while your doing it. It is fairly cumbersome as the measuring bar doesn’t dissemble so moving it from site to site is more of a concern for professionals. It can seem daunting but in all honesty, it’s simpler than choosing a tile for your home. Some porcelain tile will pop cleanly whilst others will simply break however they want to. Overall, Rubi tools TZ tile cutters are pure quality. The incorporated multiple point breaking system allows powerful breaking strength at any angle. Manual tile cutter, buy that – UNLESS you have upped the ante and are working with stone tile. Includes 8 mm and 18 mm scoring wheels with the sale of all tz tile cutters. I’ve played with many tile cutters over the years and spent more money on them then I have on my wife. Anyone that knows my site knows I love Rubi tile cutters. Up to that point, most tile cutters had the same breaking strength of around 800kg-1 tonne (1700-2200 lbs). You see, the back drop head needs to be calibrated in order for it to cut perfect 90 degree cuts. I couldn’t believe such power could be had in a tile cutter. Great for snapping large amounts of tile but don’t expect the cuts to be the most accurate. Excuse the pun although it’s fully intended. I slot a spare 32 inch tile into the cutter and go for the first score and I’m immediately blown away at how easy the scoring is. Rubi TX-700-N Porcelain Tile Cutter: Designed for large format ceramic and porcelain tiles, this Rubi cutter is robust, accurate, and suitable for cutting very hard materials. Do bear in mind not every model is built the same, so keep in mind you may be returning it within the week. If you find yourself working with standard 32 inch (600×600) tiles a lot and nothing too insane, then a regular Sigma, Montolit or Rubi tile cutter will be your choice, especially if money is a concern. It’s these photos that you are looking at. think i need to try me one next time im at the tile store and get to cutting some tiles. I generally stick with a 8 or 10mm blade and use it on everything – easy. Only Rubi Tools makes them at this moment. The Rubi TZ tile cutters are incredibly powerful tile cutters that are unmatched by anything else on the market. You could still try out the Rubi TZ however, maybe a tile store in your area has one you can rent or atleast allow you to use it once to see how it cuts your pavers. This Rubi kicks the butt of absolutely any large format tile that you can throw at it – period. So, are you up for it? RUBI TOOLS TZ-1300 Tile Cutter Raimondi Raizor TC10RAIZOR Cutting system for large format tiles up to 10.9 ft RUBI TOOLS TR-600 Magnet Tile Cutter with Case Ref.17907 So whilst this dry tile cutter is a bargain basement buy, it’s really a roll of the dice whether it’ll cut your chosen tile or not. This is it friends, the review we have all been waiting for, the review of the most powerful tile cutter known to man. It’s a decent tile cutter when it works and can be used on 24” porcelain if it decides to play nice. I review the new TR-600 Magnet Tile Cutter made by Rubi Tools to see if it lives up to the high standards that Rubi manual tile cutters have set in the past. They prop up the tile hence keeping it stable and level during a score. Using the swivel square is very simple with a quick turn required to loosen it and free it up for movement. Let’s play a game. That and the lateral stop live in their own compartment in the textile bag, handy. Rubi Tile Cutter Suppliers. I could see all the new features and bits that made this tile cutter so unique in comparison to everything that came out before it. If you have jagged edges in your tile, you can clean those up with your grinder. The 29” Inch 75P3 is easily the most popular as it can accommodate the 24” tile that has been breaking tilers backs for over a decade now. A quick burst of WD-40 should be enough to keep the scoring wheel turning. Don’t go kicking it around or leaving it smeared with thinset. Each cut took 10 minutes on my tile saw and progress was slow. With the Rubi TZ, you’ll only need to cut round or details on the tile saw, all time consuming cuts will be taken care of by the TZ tile cutter. A quick fact for you, these three brands: Montolit, Rubi and Sigma are the best tile cutter brands out there and the only 3 that produce professional tile cutters. Every tile cutter has a trick to it and you need to figure it out before you begin. Besides crafting anything with tools, these old hands enjoy fishing, camping, playing banjo and writing. Cause if it did indeed work, you’d be able to score and snap those pavers in seconds, in comparison to cutting one paver for over a minute each time with a wet saw. Re: Review : Rubi ND180 BL electric tile cutter.. Drop the breaker bar down and lightly apply pressure to the tile. I then lifted higher and got it to the next. It truly is a good looking bit of metal and I’m sure clients will appreciate their tile setter using a peace of equipment that looks so professional and capable. I hope you purchased spares! My name is Carl, I’ve had the good fortune (or misfortune) of slinging tile for over 25 years. I’ve looked and spoken with reps and I can’t find it. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Rubi Tools TX-1020 MAX with case 40" Professional Tile Cutter at I have no idea what Tomecanic even means or what it’s alluding too but they’ve knocked out a tile cutter which is an odd pseudo rip-off of the Sigma design with a convoluted spring loaded breaker bar that’s more complicated  than it needs to be. Bam. Not to toot my own horn, but be proud you even stumbled upon this review, as it’s the only one on the internet that’s been written by a tile setter and it actually says something different rather than the same rehashed info you’ve read on 30 other “tool review sites.” If I actually showed up somewhere on the first page, then wow, I guess mentioning the next few tile cutters worked. If the tile dosen’t pop, try sliding the breaker to the bottom of the tile, apply some pressure there and then move it back and try again. Anything harder or natural like stone cannot be cut with a manual tile cutter. Welcome to the Rubi club! Rubi Kit Cutter Replacement Wheel Tile Cutters Schneidrächen Rubi Tile Cutter Cutting Wheels Wheel Set for TS TR – TF Speed Plus 6 8 10 18 cm/22 mm 4.6 out of 5 stars 15 £73.10 £ 73 . You are likely looking a 24” porcelain tile for your own project or possibly a 12×24” tile. Hey Carl, great review! I actually reviewed one of these properly in a standalone review, if you really want to know more about the sucker, you can read it here.Â, Pretty decent for subway tile cutting but not much else. Literally thousands of tilers swear by this tool for their daily cutting needs and if that isn’t proof that it’s an excellent tile cutter, I don’t know what is. Another great feature of the Masterpiuma is the ability to cut glass mosaics and other tricky tile. You simply lift it up and the spring loaded level takes care of the rest. I call this “coaxing the tile” and it helps apply even pressure across the tile and promote a cleaner break. If subway/metro tiles are your game and you are just dying to install a backsplash in your kitchen, then this internet superstar is here for you. Lay tiles professionally with an uncoupling membrane. For your use I would recommend a cutter like this Rubi TS-40 Cutting ceramic tiles is also possible of course. Rubi’s TS line of tile cutters is a noteable exception with the breaker bar being at the top end of the tile cutter. Especially if you are working with bigger tiles or thinking of moving into the pedestal tile game. Montolit Masterpiuma Evolution 3 29" Push Porcelain Tile Cutter 75P3. Just pull out the support legs from the side of the tile cutter, lower in the heavy slab of porcelain decking tile and you’re good to go. That took me a moment to figure out as the cutting bar didn’t reach the tile at first. Now I don’t know how often you need to do this calibration. In a move that would make Holden Caulfield ashamed of me, I conformed and wrote about tile cutters that everyone else is writing about. Hopefully you’re beginning to understand why the first 3 tile cutters mentioned in this review are priced like that. This is it friends, the review we have all been waiting for, the review of the most powerful tile cutter known to man.. It’s the biggest, it’s the baddest, it’s the strongest tile cutter ever made. I saw the awesome videos of people cutting pedestal tiles at trade expos, saw the fancy new design with the new bearings and handle connected to a spring loaded breaking handle and was so darn excited. 4. Tile cutters will never be the same again – Introducing the Rubi Tools TZ Tile Cutter! I didn’t realize that at the time and was very annoyed, but hey, that was my fault and not the tile cutters. They are made to match specific budgets and their use of materials will directly reflect the quality of the cut. This helps free up one hand to hold the tile steady while you work. Required fields are marked *. Simply purchase a Montolit mosaic mat, lay it onto your cutting base and you can effortlessly cut glass tiles cleanly and accurately without the need of a wet cutting tile saw and specialist glass blade. The Rubi Speed-N is a more budget friendly option for those not ready to fork out for professional tools. Thinking to buy the best tile cutter? Rubi TZ-1300 Manual Tile Cutter : The Rubi TZ tile cutter brings innovation to manual tile cutters with its unique separation powers and constructive solutions. This review has suddenly become weird and I hate what tool review sites have done to search engines and the miss-information they spit out. Able To Cut Tiles From: 3-21 mm/0.11-0.82″   – Imagine cutting a 20mm thick tile with one hand! Reinforced textile bag with pocket for easy transport and protection during transit. Every tile cutter review has one, as I’m sure you’ll know.  Â. Manual Tile Cutter vs Electric – Which Should I Buy? Without any lubrication or anything, the accurate scoring action is smoother than the silk you’ll find in your partners underwear drawer. Thanks for the review - I need a new small cutter anytime soon and I have 2 questions: Does the lack of a fully enclosed tray mean it sprays a bit/ a lot underneath and is the guard as easy to remove for plunge cuts as you make out? Our expert reviewers have tested, talked to tile workers, and taken experts' opinions to review these top ten tile cutters, both automatic and manual, for your convenience. The Qep tile cutter follows the rough design principle pioneered by RUBI Tools with the twin chrome-plated rails but then decided to copy Sigma and Montolit with the curved handle and scoring wheel placement. You may or may not have picked up on that last hobby, it's hard to tell right? Sells man talk time – The Montolit aims to make life easier while cutting tough, The Montolit Masterpiuma is at home cutting regular porcelain tile from 8 to 12mm thick and creates beautiful straight cuts with help from the inbuilt lubrication system that makes sure the scoring wheel is always flowing smoothly along the tile. Electric mobile head cutter, designed for light work and perfect for general ceramic tile cutting. • Handle – Most tile cutters now come with the breaker bar, handle and scoring wheel built into one unit. In regards to tile cutters, they are like many other tools out there. Learn how your comment data is processed. I just purchased the TX-900-N. Only had it for a few days but so far holy hell was a stupid fool for not trying Rubi sooner! Intensive cutting and scoring of all large format tiles is very easy with Rubi’s accurate scoring blades. Another pro-level dry tile cutter that should be considered by those needed the very best in quality and versatility. Simply purchase a. “I officially hand over the crown and announce the Rubi TZ tile cutter range – the best tile cutters.”. - Rubi ND-180-BL portable electric tile saw for cutting and mitring. Until the TZ came along.”. Which Types of Tile Can a Manual Tile Cutter Cut? Rubi has also addressed concerns with keeping large tiles supported during cutting. It is a true precision instrument that makes the tiresome task of cutting large format tile a pleasurable one. Some would say the Rubi TZ is over engineered, with the swinging lever in the cutting handle and the highly adjustable back drop head which you use to set your cutting angle. ), Things I don’t like About the Rubi TZ Tile Cutter. Align the tile so that the scoring wheel is directly in the center of your marked line. It’s adjustable at least so you can setup multiple cuts of the same length of even do diagonal cuts if the job requires it. Cutting pedestal/floating deck tile is very similar to cutting a regular tile, honestly, it’s exactly the same. I could see all the new features and bits that made this. A worthy budget tile cutter with a sharp, easy-to-use cutting blade and surface. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! A tile cutter is a unique power tool. The Rubi TZ tile cutters are incredibly powerful tile cutters that are unmatched by anything else on the market. If your budget has taken a beating after purchasing those new season porcelain tiles, then I guess the QEP 10900Q 35” cutter will be your best friend. Whilst the handle and it’s moving parts have never been an issue for me in all my time with the tile cutter, it’s the movable back drop head that has caused some early teething issues. If it’s a large project and your tile is expensive, I highly recommended you purchase the Montolit, then sell if off after the project is done. The paving is 20mm thick Would a ruby dry cutter do the job or would you reccomend a wet saw? Great build quality and made of premium materials, “The Rubi TZ is truly and honestly, unlike any other tile cutter you’Ve ever used.”. Many other features of the pro tile cutters are included like extendable wings to hold large tiles, and a well-built measuring bar that’ll enable cutting tiles to the same length. The, Porcelain Tile VS Ceramic Tile Comparison Guide, Rubi Tools TR-600 Magnet Tile Cutter Review, Troxell Super Soft Leather Knee Pads – Review, How To Remove Grout With An Oscillating Multi-Tool, How To Replace A Cracked Tile In 5 Easy Steps, Ask A Tiler – Your Questions Answered – Part 1, Ask A Tiler – Your Questions Answered – Part Two, Why You Want To Avoid Using An Angle Grinder For Grout Removal, Tile Primer – Avoid Making A Costly Mistake With Tile Primers, Top 4 Reasons To Replace Old Tile Grout | Home Improvement Hacks, Top 4 Reasons To Use A Grout Sealer | Grout Sealing 101. thank you for the interesting comment! From the regular 32×32 inch tiles, to longer plank tiles (up to 1.5metres/61” ) and slab tiles to the infamous floating deck/pedestal tiles. Fully adjustable lateral stop for repetitive cuts on both sides of the tile cutter. The breaker mechanism with its fancy bearings and handle folds down and the extensions to the sprung base fold up and clip into place. Without the ability to neatly cut tiles to a desired length, your dreams of laying tile yourself will end with an embarrassed call to your local tiler asking for help. Of course no tile cutter could cut a 2cm thick tile (0.82), it’s a tile saw or nothing. I have a small landscaping business and we lay quite a lot of Marshalls Symphony vitrified paving. About 6 months later it finally showed up in my local tile store and I was all over it like ants on marmalade. Pop, the tiles break cleanly and easily without issue. Reviewed in the United States on June 4, 2015 This Rubi Star 24-inch Tile Cutter comes mostly assembled, requiring only installation of the scoring wheel. You see, the back drop head needs to be calibrated in order for it to cut perfect 90 degree cuts. It’s the latest update in the Rubi TR-S tile cutter line featuring 200kgs more breaking power in the same sized package and a revolutionary new Magnet system that allows for one-handed operation. I’d get this Rubi you reviewed but it looks a bit too big for most of my jobs. It’s come to the point that if you don’t mention a QEP tile cutter in your manual tile cutter review or comparison, your website won’t show up anywhere in Google. Whats people lookup in this blog: Rubi Tx 900 Tile Cutter Parts Your email address will not be published. Breaks will require more effort from you as well as the tile cutter isn’t absorbing or creating the same amount of pressure as the spring loaded base would. You don’t need to be an expert in the trade to know how a professional and expensive tool looks like. A quick look into the manual showed that the head needs to be adjusted via two screws. on diagonal. The Rubi Speed 28 in. So while you are planning out your project, keep an eye out for any detail cuts that will involve more than a straight line, and incorporate a grinder/tile saw into the budget. Oh if you truly want to know about this tile cutter, read the review for the 35″ model, they’re exactly the same just a different size. If the weight’s the only drawback over other systems I can adapt. The tile cutter simply isn’t built strong enough to enable it. Some will only require the slightest of pressure to score properly (like a Rubi TZ) whilst others will need more pressure. It does require an allen key and 13mm wrench however so keeping those handy on the off chance would be a wise move for those investing in this tile cutter. Also lightweight on a large tile cutter like this is not a virtue to be proud of. Ooh la la. More importantly, stone is a naturally occurring material that has “veins” in it. With the TZ tile cutter, Rubi supplied one of their latest Plus Extreme scoring wheels. It also works great on textured and rough tiles, thanks to it’s large diameter. Up to that point, most tile cutters had the same breaking strength of around 800kg-1 tonne, It was as truly impressive as it looked on the internet, even more so! If you need to save budget and have the luxury of extra time and tiles, then the QEP 35” tile cutter could be your hero. No more need to do all straight tile cuts on the saw anymore. More versatile tile cutters will also provide you with a sliding stop that can be set to a required length, enabling you to cut multiple tiles to the same length. Haha no in all honesty I am very happy my advice and review helped steer a fellow professional to a good decision. These features are available on all sizes of the TZ Line Of Tile Cutters. Ever seen a pedestal tile being cut? 4 QEP 10214Q Review. The large cutting capacity makes it capable of cutting damn near anything. The second you break a behemoth tile in less time than it take to walk over to your tile saw, you’ll know you made the right decision. The Rubi SPEED-N is propably the best out of the budget options (QEP, Tomecanic) whilst the Montolit’s extra features and ergonomic design help win it the top spot out of the pro level tile cutters and the design overall. Some would say it’s the best of both worlds, realists who understand the price would say the opposite. • Guide Rail(s) – These are the shiny parts that run the length of the tile cutter and allow the handle to glide along smoothly. Those fancy rubber wheels with bearings are definitely needed as the Rubil tools tz tile cutters are big and heavy. That’s something my, Another great feature of the Masterpiuma is the ability to cut glass mosaics and other tricky tile. TZ tile cutters are truly designed for intensive cutting of all types of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. want to apply even pressure from the top of the cut to the bottom. I’ve never had a tile cutter this big before, everything I owned before was about 32 inches long and now I nearly have double that. Why You Want To Avoid Using An Angle Grinder For Grout Removal, How To Replace A Cracked Tile In 5 Easy Steps. Best Manual Tile Cutters for All Tiles 2021. You. Lift it up, get an idea of it’s weight. Rubi’s latest, Best breaking strength of any tile cutters available, Easiest scoring action of any tile cutters – Smooth as silk, Easy to transport with inbuilt wheels and carry case, Ability to cut pedestal tile/floating deck tile (with one hand). I feel confident in the cutter and know that it won’t surprise me with an uneven or jagged cut – no matter which tile I have to use that day. As far as I am aware, no other tile cutter manufacturer produces a tile cutter with such strength. You’ll get beautiful clean cuts and the water system with provide plenty of lubrication and help keep your blade cool. I used to call the Rubi TX 1200 the best tile cutter for it’s amazing strength, build quality and ability to cut everything. Rubi TZ tile cutters are truly and honestly, unlike any other tile cutter you’ve ever used. Ten minutes later I had it all adjusted and perfect. • Measuring Bar – Pretty much every tile cutter comes with an elementary ruler guide on the arms that provide you with handy measurements. This professional machine is able to cut up to 28 in. It does require an allen key and 13mm wrench however so keeping those handy on the off chance would be a wise move for those investing in this tile cutter. I’ve watched videos of setters trying to break pedestal tiles with them and it’s painful to watch. If you find yourself working with standard 32 inch, I couldn’t believe such power could be had in a tile cutter. Setting it up in a clients living room does feel a bit clunky but it makes up for how easily it cuts tile and how impressive it looks. There are some refurbished models selling for under $100, that’s a true bargain for a great little cutter. Manual tile cutters are predominately designed to cut ceramic and porcelain tile. I officially hand over the crown and announce the Rubi TZ tile cutter range – the best tile cutters, they are fast and accurate and truly the next generation of tile cutters and a game changer. Very accurate with soft slider movements and easy view of the types of, 5 Year Factory Warranty From Rubi *check seller for specific details*. But only with the Rubi TZ tile cutters. I had some fun researching and learning about the vitrified paving system before replying to you. Next day I brought the Rubi TZ 1050 home with me. I think I’m in love, I won’t be needin to setup my wetsaw so often now too. I like the Montolit tile cutters for their use of attractive color and design, but I think this Rubi beats it. Yeah, I know it costs a tonne of beer money but I can truthfully say that out of the 40+ tile cutters I have purchased over the years, this one is something else, a cut above (excuse the pun). This video will inform exactly which are the best budget tile cutter on the market today. Regardless of this fact, the TS line of tile cutters is considered one of the best tile cutters for subway tile. Definitely check out one of the manual tile cutters I recommend in the review, you won’t be sorry! I’m not entirely confident in recommending such a manual tile cutter as I have never cut vitrified pavers with one, it could end up not working at all! I mentioned it above, it’s breaker bar is simply not cut out for it. Besides crafting anything with tools, these old hands enjoy fishing, camping, playing banjo and writing. Hope that answers your question Ricky! Concrete pavers or outdoor slabs also cannot be cut with a tile cutter. I’ve watched videos of setters trying to break pedestal tiles with them and it’s painful to watch. The only real trick is being careful with the breaking and getting familiar with the breaker mechanism. Lastly, I have a play with the fancy swivel square that allows to setup diagonal cuts. It has guides for all the standard angles. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. Rubi Tile Cutters : Pro Tiler Tools are one of the leading suppliers online of Tile Cutters, with excellent prices, large stocks and next day delivery available. the crap thing is how different tiles are, we really are dancing with catastrophe with every tiling job we take on. Large 24 inches cutting area is perfect for most tile sizes. Just be gentle and within 15 seconds you’ll have a neatly cut pedestal tile. The very reason they’re so heavy is the thick metal bar at the center of the tile cutter that provides the strength and rigidity required to produce 3306 lbs (1.5 tonnes) of breaking power. I could have gone for the biggest one but I don’t take on jobs with tiles bigger than 900×900 so it’d be overkill. The Rubi DU-200 EVO is especially suitable for the professional cutting of glazed wall tiles (BIII type), floor tiles (BIIa type) and for the occasional cutting of porcelain stoneware (BIa type) [Excluding 20mm].

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