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TIMES NO... PM Narendra Modi-led BJP government and Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress entered into a verbal duel over Cyclone Fani which made landf... Rescuers belonging to the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), the Navy, Coast Guard, Army and Air Force have been deployed in a mass operations, closely monitored by the central government. Terming the handling of the cyclone situation as an "excellent lesson", the WMO said the IMD was also to be commended for aiding India's neighbouring nations with accurate forecasts and preventing further loss of life and property. For reprint rights: PM to address National Youth Parl Festival today, Govt moves SC against farmers' Jan 26 tractor rally, India Inc to go soft on executive appraisals, Statkraft in talks to buy Lanco's hydel power unit, 1st Covishield vaccine consignment leaves SII, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala booked profit in this stock after a 5x rally in 10 months, Invesco India Largecap Fund Direct-Growth, SC says will pass orders tomorrow staying implementation of farm laws, set up committee, CanFin Homes | Buy | Target Price: Rs 550, Are you financially ready for 2021? "West Bengal has garnered laurels for its welfare schemes from around the world, even the BJP-led government at the Centre. Cyclone Amphan, one of the worst storms over the Bay of Bengal in years, has slammed into Bengal and Odisha, bringing with it heavy rain, winds and … According to senior meteorologists at Skymet. The cyclone has affected more than 13 million people - some losing houses, crops and lands - and over 1.5 million houses have been damaged, two West Bengal government officials said. December 31, 2020 4:13 PM Notwithstanding the surge in COVID-19 cases and a super cyclone that left a trail of destruction in its wake, West Bengal's political cauldron was on … Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an advance interim assistance of Rs 1,000 crore for cyclone-hit West Bengal on Friday. The extremely severe cyclonic storm left at least 77 people dead in West Bengal and rendered thousands homeless.It also wreaked havoc in Odisha, Amphan had intensified into a super cyclonic storm, but weakened marginally before battering West Bengal on Wednesday. It also wreaked havoc in Odisha damaging power and telecom infrastructure in several coastal districts. View: Should an agitation see Supreme Court put on hold farm policies approved by Parliament? In West Bengal State capital, Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), authorities struggled to remove debris from roads and clear trees that fell as rain and winds of 133 kmh pounded the city of 14 million for hours. The possible formation of the cyclonic circulation over Bay of Bengal could take a little longer than expected earlier. "The BJP claims it will make West Bengal 'Shonar Bangla' but it has turned our country into 'Nickel India'. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) released a new list of 169 cyclone names this week. On May 14, the weather office dispatched an alert on the brewing storm, Cyclone Amphan, to the National Disaster Response Force and the chief secretaries of eight states and Union Territories. As many as 99 people lost their lives in West Bengal … After hitting Bangladesh coast, the cyclone will start moving northwestwards and enter into Indian landmass of West Bengal. Lashing out at the TMC over its outsider-insider debate, BJP chief J P Nadda on Saturday questioned whether attaching adjectives to his name and attacking his convoy is a part of West Bengal… Seven Nifty firms that are likely to log over 50% jump in Q3 profit, Only the highest paid will be selected: An expert decodes Trump’s parting shot at H-1B. Tomorrow is different. 9 November 2019: Cyclone Bulbul made landfall near West Bengal, and crossed into Bangladesh. "A low pressure area has formed over southeast Bay of Bengal and adjoining south Andaman Sea, in the morning of today, the 13th May 2020. Cyclone Amphan, formed in the Bay of Bengal, had hit West Bengal and Bangladesh on May 20. Cyclone Amphon has intensified over a severe cyclonic storm over the Bay of Bengal and is likely to cross the coasts of West Bengal and Bangladesh on May … The West Bengal government has released Rs 1,444 crore to assist people as part of the rehabilitation process following cyclone Amphan, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Tuesday. It is very likely to concentrate into a depression over central parts of south Bay of Bengal on 15th and further intensify into a cyclonic storm over southwest and adjoining west-central Bay of Bengal by 16th evening. Subscribe to our mailing list to get the our Newsletter, [Hindi] जतिन सिंह, एमडी स्काइमेट: नए साल की पूर्व संध्या पर उत्तर भारत में शीतलहर और कोहरे की संभावना | मध्य प्रदेश में सप्ताह के आखिर में वर्षा के आसार | तमिलनाडु, केरल, दक्षिणी आंतरिक कर्नाटक, रायलसीमा में इस सप्ताह होगी बारिश, [Hindi] जतिन सिंह, एमडी स्काइमेट: क्रिसमस पर लोकप्रिय हिल स्टेशनों पर नहीं बिछेगी बर्फ की सफ़ेद चादर, दक्षिण भारत में उत्तर-पूर्वी मॉनसून का सामान्य प्रदर्शन, [Hindi] जतिन सिंह, एमडी स्काइमेट: उत्तर भारत में घना कोहरा और शीतलहर, जबकि दक्षिण में चेन्नई सहित तमिलनाडु पर फिर से दिखेगा सक्रिय उत्तर-पूर्वी मॉनसून का प्रभाव, [Hindi] जतिन सिंह, एमडी स्काइमेट: इस सप्ताह दक्षिण भारत पर दो चक्रवाती तूफानों का हो सकता है हमला, कई राज्यों में भीषण जलप्रलय की आशंका, उत्तर भारत के पहाड़ों पर बर्फबारी, Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Nivar makes landfall near Puducherry, weakens to a Cyclonic Storm, Cyclone Nivar made landfall near Puducherry, soon to weaken into a cyclonic storm, [Hindi] पुद्दुचेरी के पास तटों से टकराया चक्रवात 'निवार', जल्द ही कमजोर होकर चक्रवाती तूफान बनेगा, लेकिन कई राज्यों को अभी भी करेगा प्रभावित, Cyclone Nivar intensifying further to Severe Cyclonic Storm, landfall likely between Cuddalore and Puducherry on 25th November evening or night, [Hindi] चक्रवाती तूफान ‘निवार’ अपडेट: अगले 24 घंटों में बंगाल की खाड़ी में बनेगा तूफान, चेन्नई और पुडुचेरी समेत तमिलनाडु और आंध्र प्रदेश के तटों पर मचा सकता है तबाही, Twin Cyclones in the Indian seas, cyclone Gati in the Arabian Sea and cyclone Nivar in the Bay of Bengal, [Hindi] भारत के दोनों तरफ समुद्री तूफान, एक सोमालिया में तो दूसरा तमिलनाडु पर करेगा लैंडफॉल, Cyclonic storm on either side of coast in the Indian seas, Chennai and Puducherry on high alert, Wettest January on record for Tamil Nadu, more heavy rain likely, may spare Chennai and Puducherry, [Hindi] अमृतसर, करनाल, लुधियाना, नजीबाबाद, मेरठ, रोहतक और दिल्ली में दिन में भी चल रही शीतलहर, प्रयागराज में मकर संक्रांति पर होगी कड़ाके की सर्दी, [Hindi] सम्पूर्ण भारत का 12 जनवरी, 2021 का मौसम पूर्वानुमान, Weather update and forecast for January 12 across India, Cold snap sneak again, North India to have stinging Lohri and Makar Sankranti, [Hindi] महाराष्ट्र का साप्ताहिक मौसम पूर्वानुमान और फसल सलाह (11 से 17 जनवरी, 2021), [Hindi] मैदानी भागों में पिछले 24 घंटों के दौरान सबसे अधिक वर्षा वाले स्थान, [Hindi] सोमवार को भारत के मैदानी भागों में 10 सबसे ठंडे शहर, Top 10 Rainiest Places in India on Monday, Top 10 coldest places in the plains of India on Monday, Chilly winds in North India cities including Delhi, Meerut, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Karnal, day temperatures to drop drastically, [Hindi] दिल्ली, मेरठ, चंडीगढ़, लुधियाना, करनाल समेत उत्तर भारत के शहरों में बर्फीली हवाओं का क़हर, दिन के तापमान में भारी गिरावट, उत्तर-पश्चिम दिशा से चलने वाली तेज़ हवाओं के चलते पंजाब, हरियाणा, दिल्ली, उत्तरी राजस्थान और पश्चिमी उत्तर प्रदेश…, उत्तर भारत में सिर्फ कश्मीर पर होगी वर्षा और बर्फबारी। हिमाचल और उत्तराखंड समेत मैदानी इलाकों में मौसम शुष्क रहने…, वैष्णो देवी और आसपास के भागों में 23 जनवरी तक मौसम साफ रहेगा। लेकिन 24 जनवरी की रात तक एक नया पश्चिमी विक्षोभ दस्तक…, 23 से 25 जनवरी के बीच उत्तर पश्चिमी दिशा से आने वाली तेज़ हवाओं के कारण दिन और रात के तापमान में गिरावट होगी। 28 जन…, राष्ट्रीय राजधानी क्षेत्र में बुधवार की सुबह घने कोहरे और तापमान में गिरावट के साथ हुई है। आज सुबह दिल्ली और आसपास…, उत्तर भारत में पंजाब से लेकर हरियाणा, दिल्ली, उत्तर प्रदेश और बिहार में रह घना कोहरा। सड़कों से लेकर ट्रेन और हवाई…, For those who haven’t yet got a chance to enjoy the snowfall in picturesque. It presently lies over the Southeast and east-central Arabian Sea, just off north-Kerala and Karnataka coast as on Sunday afternoon. November 23, 2020. India's tech chiefs follow Musk, signal move away from WhatsApp, Budget 2021 to be completely paperless - a first since Independence, Saudi Arabia’s public investment fund to invest in a city without cars. While addressing a rally at Midnapore, The chief minister said, "No matter how much work we do, our policies are always labelled bad. India Meteorological Department (IMD) has turned on its cyclone-watch over a low pressure system that formed on Sunday. The cyclone is expected to make landfall on the West Bengal coast in the afternoon of May 20 as an extremely severe cyclonic storm with wind speeds ranging up to 195 kmph. Twin Cyclones in the Indian seas, cyclone Gati in the Arabian Sea and cyclone Nivar in the Bay of Bengal. The cyclone is very likely to move nearly northwards for some more time and then north-northeastwards across northwest Bay of Bengal and cross West Bengal-Bangladesh coasts between Digha (West Bengal) and Hatiya Islands (Bangladesh) close to Sundarbans during the afternoon/evening of May 20, 2020 as an Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm with maximum sustained wind speed of 165-175 kmph gusting to … Cyclone Bulbul is the 7th named storm of this cyclone season Cyclone Bulbul is steadily gathering intensity over the Bay of Bengal and is expected to turn into a very severe cyclonic storm by Friday night, according to fresh predictions released by the India Meteorological Department. Cyclone Amphan likely to intensify, hit Bengal soon The storm was about 960km south of Paradip in Odisha and 1,110km southwest of Digha in West Bengal on Sunday evening. New Delhi: A cyclone that's likely to form in the southern Bay of Bengal by the evening of May 16 will bring rain to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Odisha and West Bengal, the IMD said. Super Cyclonic Storm Amphan (/ ˈ ɑː m p ɑː n /) was a powerful and catastrophic tropical cyclone that caused widespread damage in Eastern India, specifically West Bengal, and in Bangladesh in May 2020. The personnel were tested on the basis of contact tracing after one of them deployed in West Bengal was found infected a few days ago. November 23, 2020. Either Vijayvargiya does not know that or he is misguiding people. Expressing solidarity with the people of West Bengal and grief to families who lost their kin, Modi announced an ex-gratia payment of Rs 2 lakh to the next of the kin of the deceased and Rs 50,000 to those who were seriously injured. At a time when the private sector is witnessing mergers and acquisitions, the central government scrapped its earlier plan to merge National Insurance Company Ltd, Oriental Insurance Company Ltd and United India Insurance Company Ltd into one. The cyclone has left at least 12 people dead and damaged infrastructure in the state. Taxed by the pandemic, Centre may go for a coronavirus cess in Budget 2021, Inox Leisure | Buy | Target Price: Rs 376. Modi made an aerial survey of areas devastated by Amphan on Friday and held review meetings with chief ministers Mamata Banerjee and Naveen Patnaik. Let's reshape it today, Hunt for the brightest engineers in India. At least 12 people were killed and thousands were left homeless in the fiercest cyclone to hit West Bengal in 100 years. [Hindi] भारत के दोनों तरफ समुद्री तूफान, एक सोमालिया में तो दूसरा तमिलनाडु पर करेगा लैंडफॉल. Cyclonic storm on either side of coast in the Indian seas, Chennai and Puducherry on high alert. The cyclone is expected to make landfall on Bangladesh coast between Barisal and Chittagong anytime on Thursday afternoon. Farmers say the land is unfit for the upcoming kharif crop. This was the first time that two simultaneous cyclones were active in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea since reliable records began in 1960. The cyclone has left at least 12 people dead and damaged infrastructure in the state. Upcoming Cyclone can effect the festival in West Bengal নিজস্ব সংবাদদাতা ৯ অক্টোবর, ২০১৮, ০১:৩৬:১৩ Tropical Cyclone History of the Bay of Bengal Last year, Cyclone Fani hit Odisha in May, killing more than 70 people in Odisha and West Bengal. After a massive crash in gold prices, how to trade the yellow metal? Cyclone Bulbul, which made landfall between West Bengal and Bangladesh coasts, claimed at least 10 lives and affected at least 2.73 lakh families in different parts of the state. They said more than 170 personnel have been tested till now after they returned to their base in Cuttack, Odisha, from the cyclone-affected West Bengal. The cyclone occurred in May (16-21) this year, affecting the two eastern states of West Bengal and Odisha. Explore more on Bay Of Bengal Cyclone. The system will be accompanied by the squally winds of 70 kmph gusting up to 90 kmph. Cyclone 'Amphan': 41 NDRF teams deployed in West Bengal, Odisha 19 May, 2020, 04.56 PM IST A total of 41 NDRF teams including reserves are deployed in two Amphan-affected states of Odisha and West Bengal. More than 5 lakh people have been evacuated in West Bengal and 1,58,640 people in Odisha in view of cyclone Amhpan, said SN Pradhan, chief of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) on … West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh said on Thursday that BJP will get will get additional benefits in the upcoming state assembly elections as Suvendu Adhikari, who was a … Register to know from experts. The populous Indian state of West Bengal took the brunt of Cyclone Amphan, which barreled out of the Bay of Bengal with gusting winds of up to 185 … As Mukesh Ambani drops in billionaires’ ranking, will RIL lose sheen too? Copyright © 2021 Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. All rights reserved. Fani was also an … Meanwhile, Cyclone Nivar has weakened into a deep depression and lays centred over South Rayalaseema about 50 km west-southwest of Tirupati and and 115 km west-northwest of Chennai. Cyclone Amphan, weather forecast Today Live updates: The deep depression over southeast Bay of Bengal and neighbourhood has rapidly intensified into a cyclonic storm ‘Amphan’ (pronounced as Um-pun), the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said in its latest bulletin on Saturday. The state government has already transferred money to nearly five lakh affected people for repairing their homes, besides crop damage assistance to 23.3 lakh farmers, she said. Very Severe Cyclonic Storms Luban (left) and Titli (right) over the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, respectively, on 10 October 2018. On one hand, Cyclone Amphan has wreaked havoc in large parts of south Bengal and affected millions of people, while on the other, it has also opened up livelihood opportunities for electricians and daily wagers sitting idle for more than two months due to the coronavirus-induced lockdown. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an advance interim assi... Cyclone Amphan flattened houses, uprooted trees, blew off roofs and topp... Cyclone Amphan is expected to make landfall on Wednesday between Digha in West Bengal and Hatia Island in Bangladesh at 2 pm today. Find Bay Of Bengal Cyclone Latest News, Videos & Pictures on Bay Of Bengal Cyclone and see latest updates, news, information from NDTV.COM. What led to 13% jump in Tata Motors shares today? It caused severe flooding and storm surge in the country, with approximately 72,000 metric tons of crops being lost, with a total value of Tk 2.6 billion (US$31 million). West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday targeted the BJP over its allegation of corruption by the ruling TMC over Cyclone Amphan relief.

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