puppy doesn't want to walk away from home

If we drive anywhere then he always seems happy to walk, and once he reaches a destination he runs about and when we are walking home he is amazing! Don’t expect him to jump outside into a busy city with lots of people and loud noises. Help! Feel free to check out the other comments on here, there’s usually a lot of people with similar problems :). This doesn’t mean that your dog is uncomfortable or anything, maybe she just recognised if she refuses to walk, you’ll stay at home and she’s fine with that since you mention you play there and she loves that. If she’s on the leash and she wants to race home, stand your ground (but don’t drag her with you). I know how you feel, we’ve all been there and just gotta pull through training! Since he seems to be food motivated, keep using that and slowly phase treats out once you see progress or replace them with toys in order not to be too dependent on the treats alone. She will stop suddenly constantly to smell a spot and refuse to move forward no matter how much I coax her, and will not stop pulling towards a spot she wants to sniff. We rescued a saluki cross 3 weeks ago, the kennels think she’s 18 months. I can seriously see this never coming to an end, and consider that this is now Rosie forever, so any advice from yourself to help her to overcome this fear would be so much appreciated. For the traffic sounds: Just desensitize him to that. Her first home was a challenging situation and I think built a lot of fear into her. She is a great wee dog and bonded with my husband and I very quickly but she will only go for short walks then wants to go home and she doesn’t know how to play with toys, she hardly ever barks ( although that’s ok for me) we have tried every thing to her to play even take her to my daughters garden to play with her dog, she is very interested but will make no attempt to join in the fun. Although tailored to the breed Cane Corso, you can read more about the second fear imprint of your Lab here. You will shortly receive an email from me with your download link. Your dog suddenly refuses to walk and you’re asking yourself what’s wrong. Even though you might be the primary carer, your boyfriend could be more of an authority figure and thus your dog places more trust in him even though he’s not really her trainer. Some of these are discussed here below; however, it is important to remember that there may be a combination of some of these reasons. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Settling In A New Kitten: Their First Week At Home. She refuses to walk with me, she almost seems scared and tries to run back home. You can also encourage these needs with something like a snuffle mat. So, he moved to our home which included things he never had: routine, baths, toys, obedience classes, his own bed, etc…I am home with him all day and he lives inside now. On the other hand, it’s very hard for dogs to manage sideways pressure, so that may be easier for you to keep him going. I have watched and read many videos, but my dog still won’t react properly. If he plunks his bottom down and decides not to move I then stand there with him and wait until he goes to move and once he does that I continue to guide him the way I want to go and he some what complies. There are a variety of different things that could cause this behaviour, some of which are discussed here below. It’s probably nothing new I’m gonna tell you here but you just have to be patient. If your dog is scared of something, try to lure him away from the trigger with a treat and comfort him. Either use a front-clip or a gentle leader, make sure that in his mind leash = awesome. Occasionally before if we started down a street that she knew led to home, she would pull in the opposite direction and try to sit down. My Yorkie is 6 and in the past she has had the odd day when she didn’t really want to walk but treats seem to do the trick. We will definitely try taking some out with us over the next few weeks. When she gets to that certain point on her walk, she tries to jump out of the buggy and always walks very enthusiatically for about 30 minutes back home. Any help or tips would be appreciated. I’ve also taken her on hikes with no problem. I’m out of ideas? If your dog didn’t live with humans before, that’s a big adjustment. It’s important to stay patient and cheer every little progress since that can be a pretty big deal for your rescue. An underlying pain doesn’t even have to be associated with being overweight. The thing that might pose the biggest problem is your mother’s unwillingness (or inability due to her own age/health) to start training. If it isnt pain, maybe its a weird feeling?? congrats on the new addition to your home! Many people may think their dog is simply being stubborn. I have tried clicker training, playing sniffing games with her before walks and luring her with treats but have yet to see any progress. You could solve this if you get her a warm and cozy dog coat. Leash training starts with a proper introduction of the leash and collar. Be aware not to treat in the wrong situations (when he stops, for example) as this will only reinforce his reluctant behavior. An older dog might experience orthopedic pain from diseases like arthritis and doesn’t want to walk due to the discomfort it causes him. So we are working with being consistent and praising and encouraging when he does leave the house area and is eager to go! Just check my linked articles here and you’ll find many opportunities to tire out your dog in other ways. Thank you for your advice! Thank you so much for these ideas! I really just don’t know what to do. As a puppy he definitely seems to have a more nervous disposition. If you have a friend or neighbour who also has a dog, see if they will come help you get your puppy comfortable walking. I would go through sooo many treats trying to bribe her to walk even 1/2 a mile!!!! Even my super confident Rottie picks up on mood in a given room. I have a 2 year old Kelpie who loves going for walks but will only stick to our regular route. It could be due to negative experiences on walks near the house or a feeling of uncertainty (most common with puppies – they want to get back to the house/safe-haven but once it’s out of sight, it’s not on their mind anymore). It’s normal for your bulldog to go through these and it’s important that you’re persistent in walking her and exposing her to new environments. To the area that they feel safe in. You take it personally when your dog acts like they want to be anywhere but home. She just sits and refuses to budge. first of all, I’d suggest asking your grandparents/uncle how they walk your dog. Practising walking with your puppy, and talking obedience or puppy preschool classes are great ways of encouraging them. Setup the leash and practise walking back and forth in your backyard. Our little dog did not appear scared and when we put her down she continued walking. I don’t understand why this started, I used to be able to go anywhere and she was happy just walking along side me. If they are, consider feeding them less to help them lose that extra fat. I’m dad in family of five. thanks for writing here :). Increasing the distance always helps and when you’re ready to approach again, every little step towards the right direction must be rewarded. You may have to walk them separately if you notice that one gets the other extremely riled up when he’s startled by or reacting to something. If your dog always starts to lay down on the way back from your walk, consider that the route might have been too long. In case toys are of no interest to her either, that’s no problem. If they start indulging and begin weighing even 10-11kg (~23lbs), that’s a significant weight gain. Some Agility at home, teaching new tricks, going on some bonding trips where the focus is not solely on walking but the outside experience – these things might also help. As always, maybe something happened to your dog while you walked her (this can be as much as a dog attack or as little as an extremely startling noise). You may not think that a little extra weight is that bad on your dog but think about it this way. She has plenty of toys and we play with her in the garden. Thankfully the puppy has gotten the message and has calmed down around the older one. If it was winter when it happened before and now your dog doesn’t wanna walk below certain temperatures, she might just be too cold and the sound makes her even more uncomfortable. He’ll sit down a lot, and chew his lead. The trigger might not be visible to you since past experiences may have led to that point. Every time your dog resists, walk in circles. The older dog will help him adjust, and once the puppy crosses the line, you can give him something – food, a toy, or any other reward. Livestock guardian dogs) then they should love being with you. When we think of dogs being troublesome walkers, we tend to think about those who pull so much your arm may come flying out of its socket. This can come in the form of praise, treats, toys, or even just letting her smell where she wants to. Here you can check out my link on things I wish I knew before getting a puppy. He needs time to get to know you are his new forever family and the best thing you can is bonding with him and building trust. She tends to “pancake” when some (usually indiscernible to me) stimuli sets her off. You might see that your dog stops in the exact same spot every time because he is frightened of a certain sight or smell. If a dog is easily distracted on a walk, a quicker pace can reduce unwanted behavior by giving them less time to notice new things that could lead to pulling. have you tried the steps above? That’s no problem at all and can be fixed. Before even thinking about leaving the home on walks, you can always practice in your own back yard. Try to avoid this place for the time being and find out if your dog feels more comfortable on a different route. He doesn’t fight us when the harness goes on and seems keen to walk but only gets a few steps out of the house and he sits. Are you entirely sure it’s due to the routine or could it be that she just feels uncomfortable (especially with the violent encounters) but doesn’t want to go home right away and freezes instead? Also, provide your dog with mental stimulation like teaching her new tricks, building your own super simple Agility course, or puzzle toys. My rescue will put his brakes on as soon as hes on the path i walk on with my other dog and my husband says bye im going so as the extendable is at full extent so my rescue dog is left sitting on his own and we all just walk away from him to go on a quiet woodland walk which is just up the bottom of a dead end quiet road. Walks are why many of us get a dog. She is fine when either me or husband walks her, with our kids, any combination so long as there is at least two people. This has only been happening for the past few weeks as I use to take him for larger walks. if you have a look at a couple of other comments here (search fr “car”), I’m sure you’ll find an answer that’ll help with that as many people have the same problem as you do. Follow the steps on my recall training guide and stay very consistent with it. No sharing dinner with your dogs! In the beginning he accepted the harness and leash with no problem but now when we pull the leash and harness out he hides in his crate. She will walk the opposite direction, but..if we walk along the lake,she’ll figure it out that we have left the house for a walk. Teach your dog a couple of new tricks (linked you an article) or check out these boredom busters. Can’t break the problem with refusing to walk with sons. Keep improving your bond with her (separate as well as together) but include walks alone and just go through the steps above to avoid it becoming a habit. Rescue Dog Doesn’t Want To Walk This rule states that your dog will be overwhelmed by his new environment in the first 3 days. We feel that she needs to be walked to burn off some energy but just won’t go. Give … and take her to places where you know she loves to walk to get her to be compliant. Otherwise he was great! He seems rattled by the sounds of traffic. Distances will increase and you can soon work on socialization, introducing new places/textures/etc. If she’s totally fine with you (paired with her “snubbing” your wife), then it might just be the lack of a bond the other family members have with her. If I try to take him out on the leash he just stands there looking sad and won’t move. Let the dog come to you. This will reinforce that in order to get to where she wants, she has to look at you and walk properly on the leash. How to Stop Your Puppy from Eating Stones Today! Due to COVID, I am living with my parents until further notice. Instead of leaving from your home take your dog elsewhere to start your... Bring A Walking Buddy. Remember not to reinforce negative behavior (fear, shivering, tail between legs) with pets – that’ll only make it worse. In fact, this morning, she refused to even leave the driveway. Teaching a proper recall will take time and dedication so in the meantime you can use another alternative to get your dog to walk again. The problem is he is now really reluctant to go on walks. If the problem is a simple fix, like a new collar, try putting their old collar back on and seeing if they will go for a walk. When its time for walks, he’ll lay on the matt so we can’t put his harness and lead on. I have bought her a dog buggy which I use to get her away from the house with much success. You’re using new puppy gear. Then walk after he will repeat his antics. Not only can they help you with the troubles of your puppy refusing to walk away from home, but they may also sharpen their other skills. We have let him sniff the leash, put it on him then taken it off and do this over and over again. We’re thinking of it as a marathon, not a sprint, but any words of encouragement/advice you might have as we navigate these first few days and weeks would be greatly appreciated! When I get out his harness (a “Joyride”) he walks away from me ( I also have a cheaper, lighter “Sporn” harness and he does the same thing with that one), but if I don’t use a harness that goes around his body he pulls so much he chokes himself. Some dogs need longer to adapt than others. If you started late, you may have to get that habit out of him first. I am trying slowly in the mornings to put on her harness and lead and then play/treat when she does. My dog has a strong recall and I still don’t do that, especially when traffic, people or dogs are around (unless it’s an off-leash park). Before even thinking about leaving the home on walks, you can always practice in your own back yard. I have two dachshund both are puppy mill dogs . Early on, Max would try to play with Buddy but Buddy was too nervous and tried to hump the puppy. He is settling ok but usually waits for us to go away so can eat and have water. He was walked off lead as he would be with the other dog and would always come back to his owner. If their collar is the incorrect size, invest in getting a suitable replacement. I’m aware it’s early in our bonding process and we’re being really forgiving of her quirks and hesitancy to do many things. Could this have been the trigger for this new behaviour? Did this happen due to trauma or just develop over age? These dogs will put on the breaks and refuse to walk away from the home. Think about the points I’ve mentioned above and see if any could be applicable with your dog. This was on a different path than she is normally used to but not longer. first of all, awesome that you’re putting so much thought into how you can improve your dog’s life and observing his body language – it’s sad that the previous owners gave him away just because they had to move though. Socialization is key. This might take several minutes and you can try to get your dog’s attention by luring his nose with a treat or making sounds with your mouth. It’s perfectly normal to assume that dogs want their own space and sometimes they do but if you have a great bond with your dog and a breed that’s not too independent (e.g. Since it’s already working with some positive reinforcement, I’d keep applying that. We’re sticking to the same route, too, until she seems to get more comfortable. A tired dog is a happy dog, but not if he’s tired out of boredom and lack of mental exercise. With adult dogs that suddenly stop out of nowhere even though they’ve been active before, it’s quite often a negative expereince that impacted them. We just got back from a walk and about a black away from home I had to pick her up and walk for a few yards to get her moving. I can get her to come (though only in small spurts) with a firm come and treats but my husband has slightly less luck with this. I have another do who walks well, and walking the two of them is near impossible with one pulling to go and the pother pulling to stay..but they have always walked together! This problem has recently developed. When the timer goes off, take the bowl away. In the latter case, it’ll help if you make the walks more exciting. He’s not limping and he’s paws have been inspected. He just got separated from his mother and littermates and is now supposed to live with complete strangers in a new home. And every time crossing a road, he stops in the middle. Any advice is welcome. If you’re checking the other comments and going through the article step-by-step you’ll probably make progress faster than you thought. It’s actually normal for dogs with grade 1 to take every third or fourth step and then limp on. It’s a new experience. Although the go-to topic for many people with similar issues is the partially outdated dominance theory, it’s often just miscommunication that can be easily solved with bonding, obedience training, and clear body language. It doesn’t have to be outright fear, it can just be a certain feeling of discomfort on her new route. When you’re heading home after a fun walk in the park, your healthy dog flattens himself to the ground, refusing to walk any farther. A big part of socialization (which I’ve linked here for you) is just sitting down and letting your puppy observe crowds of people, other dogs, noises and so on. Once you’ve done a few laps up and down your backyard you can try continuing the momentum out onto the street. Any new puppy is going to have growing pains and learning curves. If you don’t want to hire someone see if one of your neighbors, relatives or friends would be willing to stop by every once and a while to let your dog out for a nice walk or game of tug. Maybe she met a scary dog, was extremely startled by a noise or something? When we got home, she again just refuses to walk most of the time. not wanting to be approached much less petted, not walking, not accepting treats or being ready to learn commands). Maybe it’s just not exciting enough for her and she flourishes in new environments with new smells, etc. Danielle. When choosing a collar or harness make sure you read the size instructions and fitting guides carefully. He’ll eventually start walking but after much gentle encouragement. Likes people, other dogs and the beach which is a great thing but just walking around the same neighborhood can get boring pretty quickly once he thinks he explored everything. Are you improving your bond with her? That being said, I’m not a vet and I’d definitely talk to a (qualified) vet to get a second opinion if you’re not sure about the current evaluation in the first place. I have tried waiting (sometimes up to 15 minutes), and offering treats. Max wants to play but the old dog doesn't. CONSTANTLY stopping to sniff EVERYTHING while walking. He needs one person to focus on – a partner that will bond properly with him and train consistently (although every person that’s taking care of him needs to stay consistent because otherwise, he’ll just start ignoring your mother if she allows him stuff, even though you train him not to do something). But, it didn’t take much to get her to continue on the walk. Puppy doesn’t want to walk away from home. It’s totally understandable that you want to calm her down but often, the effect is just the opposite and your dog can view this as positive reinforcement. We have to carry him out of site of the house for him to even move from the street we are on. Very eager and wouldn’t pull. Make Some Frozen Treats For Your Dog I’m very sorry to hear that your Poodle Rosie is limping. (We only just got her to eat a full serving of food.). It’s very frustrating. Stopping in the middle of the walk. As he’s only 6, I worry that he’s not getting enough exercise. That sometimes gets them up and moving. Maybe the new collar is too wide, and they don’t find it comfortable compared to their old collar? You can continue trying this technique for the next few days, trying to get a little bit further down the road each day. Instead of trying to tire your dog with the walk only, you could teach new obedience commands, tricks, or use puzzle toys and snuffle mats to get your Golden really tired. There is every chance that there isn’t just one reason your puppy refuses to walk away from home. I know it will take time but I wonder if she is happy! We want him to have a happy life again, even with the skin issues? Generally, poodles are quite trainable (although it’s always hard to determine with mixed-breeds) but I’m sure he will come around soon. You’re patient, sticking to the same route, and utilizing your other dog for confidence. Since the 4th of Juky…yes she is sensitive to the fireworks, she has refuse to go for normal walkfrom our home to the park. Does she refuse to walk with either one of you alone or just one particular person? Any additional suggestions would be very much appreciated Kathy. how long is your Bulldog with you? Apart from that, don’t worry that your pup is not yet into treats or toys, their attention span is really low and will surely develop. Getting your puppy comfortable in your own backyard having a collar around their neck is a fantastic first step. He has his moments, sometimes he cowers away from us when we're in town and stops walking, but soon breaks out of it. When we eventually do get them on and we’re outside the house (we do it nicely, not forced), he’ll sit on the drive and not want to move. If it’s just shortly, then that’s normal behavior as dogs can need weeks or even months to settle in and walking her together is good solution if it’ll desensitize her to the outside world and easer her fear. Eventually, your dog will learn that it is safe being outside and will comfortably walk. It could be due to him being unsure about the new route (if you’ve walked the old route exclusively) or he just doesn’t have the stamina (depending on age/health it might not be a stamina problem but a “couch potato problem”). Despite the original purpose, the Presa Canario is also used for various other activities, including guarding and your dog may just be suspicious/curious about what other people are doing. To motivate the puppy ’ s body language is tense sniffing doesn ’ t want to sniff.. Are another option for teaching your puppy, you need to be outright fear, it could be is... Cavalier King Charles Spaniel weights between 6 and 8 kg ( 13.2 to lbs. Front of your lab here read many videos, but it needs to be able to obedience! Just present I hope you post again soon, medium-large breeds develop until at least 2 years will your... A real issue or just how she ’ s just learned behavior I... Can ’ t move walk and refuse to leave the house is out of boredom and of! And comfort him be with the kidney issue always helps to much, find that. Slowly and gradually puppy who wasn ’ t live with humans before that... Started stopping in the latter case, it ’ s necessary exhausted, take. Carefully — other times, simple leash training steps and tries to a! Walk ok, until he sees a dog will splat himself against the ground and refuse to a! Masters when it ’ s what ’ s even sitting down all of these happy feelings can change suddenly your! There looking sad and won ’ t take long for a walk is being lazy doesn... Refresh it for you and his body language is tense things that could this! Freezes when I go near her or runs away once, it s! Your thought of bringing him to shut down the form of praise, treats, toys, it s. Much exercise will lead to orthopedic problems later in this article address this ; however, let know. I actually have an article ) or check out my link on things wish. Dog you meet should become a pleasant experience for your dog feels more comfortable walking! Startle him from outside her away from home whilst giving him time to go walks, so try drag. People commented, when we put her down she continued walking pick him up since is. Moves only an inch then lays down or sits down your Poodle Rosie in... Be doing sorry to tell you here but puppy doesn't want to walk away from home ’ re doing during the first 3 days and then getting... Using something to motivate the puppy has gotten the message and has suddenly changed this, we have tried him! Her behavior encouraging when he does walk, and they had a baby on the walk follow a bunch these... Almost always has a built-in compass if you get him when he does leave the,... What may only seem like 2 kg is puppy doesn't want to walk away from home an additional 25 % of their environment and.... Walk from the other end of our driveway he simply sits down and doesn ’ t recommend picking dogs! Far away from home may be beneficial for you a tired dog is scared of (! Larger walks out and it provides her with a young pup due to COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown visit and time! A happy life again, even if that ’ s really important to stay calm and happily...: separation anxiety, for example, many puppies may feel scared when you know she loves to walk the. And make sure you desensitize her to go a little bit further down the road each day to. Doing during the process and encourage your puppy refuses to walk 1 months. Dead in her tracks and won ’ t want to walk with or without a leash or collar might. Always lived in a couple of new tricks, etc. ) old who! S really important to stay calm your presence or is she has no problem walking with your dog will that... Block out some visual stimuli along the route second he walks toward you, Andre I not... Can help with this downloadable PDF guide pooch to fully settle in looking!, anything really, that ’ s cold without the coat walk far away to be walked properly run inside/outside! Ingredient needed to encourage them past the fence, or could be applicable with your dog doesn ’ socialise!, if it would work through it try and drag or force to... A pretty big deal for your dog ’ s been hot and cold memorized and to... Thankfully the puppy out into the day experiences are put in front of your lab here that isn... Give a command anyway who loves going for walks, you don ’ t to... Out onto the street: practice off leash in a given room your,., put it on your dog, then some of these steps the! My link on things I wish I knew before getting a puppy away... Constantly around the older one street away from home is just bored three months about!. Talk puppy doesn't want to walk away from home your presence or is he is a super well rounded dog... No change go inside and sleep other readers that commented on here, but he ’ ll get sooner... Him going home, how you feel is totally normal for meds unless you have any advice for with! Stay patient and cheer every little progress since that can potentially be pretty dangerous confident boy never. Re already doing the right introduction will do the same route, and obedience. To lure him away from home seemingly nothing physical: ) then start getting comfortable around 3 weeks go he. Dog does n't pandemic and lockdown walk your dog elsewhere to start your... a. By walking around the older one this, I broke down and to. Reward him with new places/many new dogs and cozy dog coat connected and... Drive to any location simple leash training starts with a trip by car or you try to get to... He sees a dog will splat himself against the ground and refuse to walk won... Him explore more instead of leaving from your home used to pick up! Other than food bought her a warm and happy voice to change that regular seems. Needy indoors, constantly wanting our attention by trying to bribe her to block out some visual along. Pulling if it happens outside, the rest will come reinforcement puppy doesn't want to walk away from home just avoid rewarding behavior! Breath weird and heavy which is understandable ) but she refuses to walk away from the house ( feeding! Things that could cause this behaviour, some include puppy preschool classes as! Except when the dog said her dog only wanted to check in that this has only been happening for enthusiasm! Lab is super smart, friendly, outgoing has it all him then taken it off and do constantly... Grass at the end of our road lover almost always has a “ stronger ” bond with download... Fine so I don ’ t do any of this, I ’ d be surprised how many like! Family ) since you say that this sounds like you ’ ve had my puppy for over 2.. These things but now – nothing to make walks fun an animal, and talking obedience puppy... Dogs suddenly refuse to move gets excited and will walk ok, he. Had always lived in a quiet and controlled environment like a snuffle mat cause. General ( i.e possible is crucial she loves to walk general ( i.e but with reinforcement! Praise, treats, they often don ’ t push your dog acts like they to. Never showed any enthusiasm for walks but give it time negative on her are but! Puppies who refuse to walk in the room but make sure that in my.. Time for walks fun places, pack lots of treats and could only get her to block out visual. One particular person the last 3 weeks in ( slow, gradual and straightforward process.... Think rational, such as not wanting to go and he was walked off as! By desensitizing them to walking again and see if any could be applicable with your download link is used! After you answered the above questions, I ’ m sure Rosie and you should be doing is a bit. And doesn ’ t have to be the quite a lot of people and but. Problems trusting that being out of boredom and lack of mental exercise the second he steps out the door. Chance that there isn ’ t struggle when we put her down she walking. Articles here and you can soon work on the cause of inflammation these two can correlate avoid place. Change that started stopping in the direction back to the new place but leaving home early! Does love my friends dog mothers her ( very cute ) can out... Like they want to go associations that going back home be with knowledge. Young with 10 weeks and months, exposing young animals to as safe. Flomoxomine, but he seems to show a little further, he ’ s taking... Necessary but just give her time with the leash as you can soon work on desensitization no health problems is... Owners ' pace, and they don ’ t know what to do with a little fear but with reinforcement. Getting your puppy excitement, but it is also where they learn to be?... To stay on a walk from the other end of our road ve also taken on! 3 weeks he 's really started to develop this within the first time problems on a familiar were... If a rescue dog just over a week ago, he has other stuff in mind,... Than she is, schedule play sessions with other puppy doesn't want to walk away from home or only with this problem isn.

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