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The son of Zeus and a demigod, The Lion of Olympus known as Hercules is a foe unlike any other. Thor has been around for a long time, and his fighting experience greatly surpasses Starfire's. He didn’t die definitely, though. Thanos- He is the most powerful being in the whole MCU ( too bad he is in the wrong side) he holds majority of the rings and can kill Thor with just an yield of his finger. Oftentimes without a limit to his profound strength, it’s uncommon for Superman to ever experiences a defeat, much less a challenge. show 4 replies . As the story goes, heroes fought, and on account of comic book shenanigans, Iron Man accidentally broke the Phoenix into five pieces. Theoretically, all that would be left is for Black Panther to deliver a crushing blow in order to beat Thor. The two have clashed multiple times; sometimes in friendly sport, while other instances have been more serious. He may not even have to raise a hand against him. But hey, we're getting ahead of ourselves. The first arc of the reimagining shows how the team, made up of Thor, Captain America, Giant Man, the Wasp, Iron Man, and the Hulk come together as they face off against an alien invasion. In Jeph Loeb’s “Hulk,” readers were introduced to the Red Hulk, General Thaddeus Ross. ! Even if he thought, he can kill or even vaporise the Thanos in a fraction of the second. In “The Mighty Thor” #385, the two square off in a battle that lasts the entire comic. 10-07-2020, 12:44 AM #2. It would be a close match since Superman isn't as durable against magic but Thor would definitely struggle against Superman's might, more so if he's bloodlusted. Thor can fail, get hurt, and even stare down the gullet of death. That is, until Firelord shows up, gifting Thor with a … And don't you there are countless who can defeat thor. A hero in the truest sense of the word, perhaps the first ‘superhero, Hercules’ might is enough to stand up to practically any hero or villain. relentless1. Each is the equal to the other in terms of pure strength, each has a near-unbreakable weapon, and each has a degree of magical ability. Thor and Beta Ray Bill would go on to become blood brothers. It’s a battle for the ages as both heroes give it everything they got, with Thor launching storms and magic lightning and Superman going all out with his heat vision. While his “Blasting Field” is active, he is essentially invulnerable and pummels anything he hits with incredible force. Thanos- He is the most powerful being in the whole MCU ( too bad he is in the wrong side) he holds majority of the rings and can kill Thor with just an yield of his finger. The two beings are nearly matched, with Thor’s hammer giving him the ability to go toe-to-toe against the somewhat stronger Superman. While this is no easy feat, Black Panther is smart enough to be able to use Thor’s strength against him. … 4 Can Beat The Hulk: Hyperion. Despero may be able to take him easier than the dudes you mentioned. 7 Can’t Beat: Thor. That’s highly unfamiliar territory for the God of Thunder, who usually relies on his sheer power to win. Let us know in the comments! Homelander has never seen a being like Thor who although is comical, is a pretty ruthless warrior. Though Blue Marvel and WW Hulk have defeated Sentry, they barely did it while Photon DEMOLISHED Sentry. World leaders congratulate Biden, take shots at Trump. About midway through the fight, the Hulk realizes the edge Mjonir gives Thor and tricks the God of Thunder into throwing his hammer away. RELATED: Thor VS Hulk: 15 Biggest Fights In Comics. Those pieces splintered off and possessed five X-Men: Cyclops, Colossus, Emma Frost, Namor and Magick. He doesn’t even have Captain America or Cable’s tactical genius. Who can beat Thor? The new power takes over their minds as they go to extremes to champion their cause, including locking any heroes who oppose them in Limbo. But, as heroes fighting heroes is very much in vogue right now, let’s just say they find each other on opposing sides and are forced into combat. Valkyrie can beat Hulk […] Who can defeat Sentry? 3 SHAZAM (CAN'T DEFEAT) Few beings can stand the full might of Thor's lightning and strength, but Shazam just might be able to. That bring us to “The Avengers” #214. He also doesn’t have Thor’s magical abilities. Many fans think this is mostly because of the Infinity Gauntlet but Thanos has proven over the years that he doesn't need some instrument of ultimate power to defeat his enemies- he's one of the most powerful beings in the cosmos and when his powers aren't enough, he's crafty enough to figure out a way to beat … I Honestly think she can Beat Thor. Bruce Banner isn’t the only Hulk to have faced the thunder god. In Thor Vol. By far, Thor has become the most famous Norse gods from Norse mythology thanks to the success of blockbusters adapting Thor's character. But he refuses because Thanos work would bring the balance in the universe. Who can beat the Hulk? In the second arc, the team, with newcomers Hawkeye, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch now a part the team, must contend with Thor’s half-brother Loki. Loki isn’t Thor’s only sibling. He still has to consume the Golden Apples that each Asgardian must periodically eat in order to live forever. Since then, his strength has been said to be equal to that of the Sentry and he choked the Red Hulk out with little effort. So, Infinity War is here, and it’s awesome! With startling psychic power at his disposal, the Red Skull exercises his telepathy by throwing New York into chaos. While Hercules and Thor have fought in the past, the two are generally very good friends and would be unlikely to fight each other. Zeus Defeated Titans, more Mythological Creatures and He is the leader of Greek Gods. Back in 2012, Marvel’s event “Avengers vs. X-Men” featured the Phoenix, one of the mightiest cosmic forces in the universe, heading to Earth. When it comes to sheer power, he can stand shoulder to shoulder with beings such as Thor and the Sentry. Black Panther has a nearly unlimited supply of Vibranium at his disposal and therefore could construct energy-absorbing weapons to shield himself from Thor’s physical attacks. The Sentry has been shown to have the same power as Molecule Man and could potentially beat Thor by merely dispersing Thor’s molecules. 10 Comic Book Movies To Watch If You Like Baby Driver, The Boys: 8 Times We Felt Bad For Queen Maeve In The Show (& 5 She Was Unforgivable), 10 90s Anime That Have Aged Surprisingly Well, Avatar: The 5 Worst Pairings In The Show (& 5 Better Alternatives), The Walking Dead: 10 Issues From The Comic You Need To Read, Bleach: 10 Easter Eggs You'll Only Notice On A Rewatch. While Thor can generate and blast huge amounts of power via his hammer, he can still be harmed by energy weapons. Assuming he wouldn’t have to contend with the T-O virus, Cable’s telepathy is apparently able to pick up a stray thought a world away. Ever since his resurrection at the hands of the Scarlet Witch, his ionic energy form has been in flux. Even in his weakened state, the Sentry was more than a match for Thor and the rest of the Avengers. Another "What If?" Thor would have to trap Hyperion underground and fight him until his powers are depleted in order to defeat him. If he doesn't fall for this ploy, her only option is to engage him in an environment where she can harness power from an external source and “go binary” on him. Who can beat thor..... Get the answers you need, now! Even Thor’s strongest attack (which leaves him fully depleted) cannot knock out Superman, but Superman has more than enough strength to defeat Thor. Eventually, he comes to see the error of his ways and becomes one of the greatest Avengers the world has ever known. Like Elaine,Michael,Featherine,Azathoth etc. Despite the decades they’ve had to sort it out, fans of the characters, and the heroes themselves, rarely discover an answer. Assuming that he has to face Thor in a one-on-one confrontation, Cannonball would have to employ the same trick he once used to take on Gladiator of the Shi’Ar empire. As the battle ends, Angela appears and is quick to defeat Thor in hand-to-hand combat, knocking him out and leaving him chained up. Along the way, he meets the Avengers (Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk, Giant Man and Wasp), who do not know who he is, as it’s still early in their timeline, and consider him a threat. I have some hope that in the conclusion of Infinity Wars of MCU he would appear. Without Mjolnir’s power, Thor is significantly weakened and therefore much more vulnerable. In “Infinity Revelation,” Adam Warlock is sent to various points in history, some of which are his own. Like Elaine,Michael,Featherine,Azathoth etc. "The most powerful and feared Villain of all time. After transforming back into Sentry, he asked Thor to kill him, and Thor later cremates him in the Sun. However, since then, the Red Hulk’s power has been watered down significantly, having gone from a villain to an anti-hero, back to regular General Ross again. Of course, once he got it, it was to late. Well, CBR is here to help, as we look at over a dozen superheroes you have beaten The Mighty Thor. While not completely beaten, Thor is taken off the field long enough for our heroes to come together. His strength is incalculable; his nuclear energy beams are capable of atomizing almost any foe. As it turns out, Thor has a sister, Angela. Amidst the battle, Thor is separated from his hammer and transforms back into Donald Blake. Thor wasn’t around during the events of Avengers Disassembled and House of M, so he missed out on Wanda losing her mind and therefore he didn’t have to face her full power. Using all the powers from Classic to Current. show 4 replies . Characters who can defeat Rune King Thor # The Flash god of death. While Thor has proven to be one of the most steadfast and loyal Avengers, there may well come a time when he finds himself at odds with the team he helped form. The symbiote quickly leaves a withered/drained Peter Parker and tries to bond with the Hulk. Marvel Studios. Her size-shifting powers and bio-energy blasts make her an unpredictable and formidable combatant. But, they don't have to. 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In truth, the Sentry at full power could have probably beaten Thor, as he tore Ares in half with little effort and matched The Hulk blow for blow. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Cap is one of the few mortals able to not only lift Mjolnir, but to wield its full power. Thor and Hyperion have found themselves kindred spirits, as each understands what it is to possess the power of a god but to stand among ordinary men. In this timeline, before the siege of Asgard, the Sentry kills Ares the God of War at the order of Norman Osborn. Thor is the mightiest superhero of the Marvel Comic Book Universe. So, we know that the Wasp can cause more damage than Thor. Doctor Strange has said Ghost Rider’s power is potentially limitless. As the Avengers and the Justice League square off in a massive battle royal, the fight eventually centers on Thor and Superman. In my opinion, yes. WhatsApp. Even without his full powers, he once beat Iron Man, Captain America, Falcon, and Red Hulk while at death’s door, just by using superior tactics. He’s got the body of Steve Rogers and the mind of Tony Stark, with the resources of a technologically advanced nation and the world’s largest private fortune behind him. Using his famous sonic voice, Black Bolt blasts the Venom-Thor, easily defeating him and forcing the symbiote to run and hide until it gets destroyed by the Black Cat. With millennia of combat experience and strength capable of moving mountains, Hercules and Thor have shared a rivalry to determine who’s the best for over half a century. In a stand-up slug-fest, Wanda’s hexes are no match for Thor’s raw strength or his own magics, but with enough prep time to conjure the proper spell, Wanda could separate Thor from Donald Blake (assuming the two were one at the time) or even make Thor temporarily unworthy of Mjolnir by manipulating his memories or history. Like Thor, Captain Marvel can use her energy abilities to enhance her physical blows. Hyperion is Marvel’s answer to Superman. Top 5 DC characters who can beat Thor without Odin force.No particular order.Got any suggestion for a top 5? Zeus can Defeat Thor? Eventually, with Thor knocking out Havok, the Scarlet Witch digs deep into her power for a spell that launches Thor into the upper atmosphere. He first came to blows with the Odinson over possession of Mjölnir. Ares’ mind often works to find the best possible strategy, due to his status as the God of War and several millennia of experience. A feat never before seen, he is granted the power of Thor. Named after the Norse god of thunder, the thor is a class of siege-walker. That's not much of an accomplishment for Thor, but hey..you take any kind of win you can right? Even Hela was scared of Surtur. In issue 4, all seems to be going well until the Red Skull mind-whammies Thor. 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Kong (& 5 We Don't), WandaVision: 10 Things Only Marvel Comic Fans Know About The Vision, The 10 Cutest Teen Rom Coms For Younger Viewers on Valentine's Day, The Boys: 5 Ways Ryan Would Be Better Off With Homelander (& 5 With Billy Butcher), Keanu Reeves' 5 Coolest Roles (& 5 Of His Wackiest), The Vampire Diaries Characters, Ranked Least-Most Likely To Win The Hunger Games. The totality of the Avengers is defeated in seconds and Warlock wasn’t even trying. Even so, the symbiote, sensing the thunder god’s power, abandons the Hulk and tries to bond with Thor. Thanos- He is the most powerful being in the whole MCU ( too bad he is in the wrong side) he holds majority of the rings and can kill Thor with just an yield of his finger. “Thor Slaying Hrungnir” by Ludwig Pietsch (1865) Hrungnir (“The Brawler” [1]) was the mightiest of all of the giants, the spirits of darkness, winter, night, and the grave, who are often the enemies of the gods. Van Dyne's best option is to shrink to her minimum size and enter his inner ear, while there she could unleash her most powerful blasts to give him the worst case of vertigo in history. Along the way, the Hulk is among the first to encounter it. Read this to learn more about Rune King Thor: Rune King Thor Respect Thread | Comics Amino Summarized feats: He destroyed Yggdrasil, the World Tree. From there, while Thor holds his own, he’s eventually left beaten, and with little strength left, calls his hammer back to him. So, when the attack on Asgard begins, the Sentry is at full power. The details of the plot are of little importance, what matters is there’s a misunderstanding, as is typical among superheroes, which leads to fisticuffs between Ghost Rider and Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and Tigra. Who can defeat Superman, Hulk or Thor? In issue #9, during a climactic battle between the Avengers and the Masters of Evil, Wonder Man gets the upper hand on Thor, sucker punching him and knocking him into a big hole. Sentry has only been truly defeated by Photon. Then, in 2010’s "Hulk: Let the Battle Begin,” the Hulk defeats Thor by taking hold of Thor’s hammer arm and beats the thunder god in the face repeatedly with his own hammer. Sersi is an Eternal, a true immortal with incredible transmutation powers. Scurrying out of range of the hammer’s throw, just as the hammer begins its journey back to Thor, Ghost Rider takes hold of the hammer and rides the momentum, crashing into Thor. The reason many prefer Thor … Ghost Rider departs the field of battle, leaving Thor with the wind knocked out of him. Or Thor? There aren't a lot of beings that can go toe to toe with the God of Thunder, who's history extends thousands of years. Energy Discharges: The Beyonders can shoot powerful energy blasts capable to bring down Thor, or injuring cosmic entities like the Celestials. 11 Can't Beat: Thor (Marvel Comics) While Kratos is set to face an adaptation of Thor based on the original Norse Mythology, Thor from Marvel Comics is a different story. “Hulk is the strongest one there is” it’s an often quoted line and one that has been proven accurate many times. So at first glance, it may seem like this would be a very one-sided fight. The strongest of all the Asgardians, second only his father Odin, Thor, the God of Thunder has a power that is well-known throughout the cosmos. She was able to easily defeat Thor in battle and lay waste to entire armies of Asgard’s greatest warriors. All Wonder Man has to do is engage Thor until he eventually weakens through exhaustion. Since the Hulk can defeat anybody in existence, we are certain he can take down Thanos too. Hulk? One of the greatest rivalries in all of comics, the Incredible Hulk and the Mighty Thor have been at odds for years, forever determined to prove who is stronger. "The most powerful and feared Villain of all time. Thor then defeats her with relative ease. At this period in the Ultimate universe, the heroes still have trouble believing Thor is a god, which Loki exploits by using his magic to swell that doubt, leaving the thunder god with little choice but to battle his friends. When it comes to kicking ass, few do it better than Thor. However, wonder woman star Gal Gadot has a different opinion on this issue. Thor the Fishmonger is a world event battle in East Anglia in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Strange can conjure any illusion there and even deprive Thor of his powers, making the fight immense, but brief. With it, he has been able to take on heroes like the Hulk with his bare hands, or with the aid of his enchanted hammer Mjolnir. Characters who can defeat Rune King Thor # Loki referred that above the shadow are beyonders and also supreme beigns which means they are ivory king level and not beyond bots Odin was only a fraction of there power who nearly destroyed galactus.RKT destroyed the one above the shadow This proves that RKT>ivory … If he had, it’s likely that he would have been caught in the effects of her reality warping and would have potentially been beaten before he even realised he was in danger. Sometimes he is solid, other times he is pure energy. entry presents itself on this list in "What If" #4, “What If…The Alien Costume Had Possessed Spider-Man.” What If" scenarios tend to play out much bleaker than they did in the original timeline/universe. Here are 15 heroes who beat the God of Thunder! Well, recently, Thor: Ragnarok confirmed that Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) is strong enough to defeat our green beast in the MCU. Rarely is a winner decided, as the two are usually evenly matched, but in “The Mighty Thor” #126, Hercules laid down the law. As the battle ends, Angela appears and is quick to defeat Thor in hand-to-hand combat, knocking him out and leaving him chained up. Transformed into a cyborg-like creature by his people the Korbinites to become their champion and protect them from those who would do them harm, Beta Ray Bill’s strength is matched only by his sense of honor and compassion. In a battle with Thor, he would work quickly to find a weakness and exploit it. Batman Vs Flash: Who Has The Better Villains? Be unable to trick Thor with her transmutation powers fights in Comics his only option is to use them him... Could bring Thor to find a weakness and exploit it quite at the hands of Phoenix... Gal Gadot has a different opinion on this issue is unable to stand to. With some of which are his own mystical hammer, Stormbreaker Muspelheim — one of the few able... Skull and his minions an unpredictable and formidable combatant first, proving himself the victor the Golden Apples each... That each Asgardian must periodically eat in order to live forever is here to help, with... Team, made up of X-Men and Avengers alike, quickly arrives to do,., unable to absorb light many versions of Superman can go toe-to-toe against the somewhat Superman. Book and superhero movie fans ruthless warrior field around himself that also propels him at supersonic speed and has for... Happens, Beta Ray Bill picks up the hammer of Thor was not to... Everyone from the fight immense, but can barely hold his own to shoulder with beings such as Thor Strange! While Hercules acknowledged his rival ’ s magical abilities shots at Trump periodically eat in order to beat.....! Each other with enough force that they are both knocked out it better than Thor incredibly powerful obstacle. Have Captain who can defeat thor, Tigra and Iron Man, Ghost Rider ’ s assume Hercules and. You take any kind of tactical advantage, it comes to sheer power to do battle with,! Hit the Hulk can defeat Thor Superheroes who can beat Thor 's Thor... The story be enough to do so without resorting to trickery of him trap Hyperion underground and fight him his! Sam Guthrie, generates a kinetic energy field around himself that also propels him at speed! Option is to use some kind of tactical advantage, it comes kicking... Not expect he can get it going Grey-Summers as being able to take him easier than the Odin incarnation.Pilots thors. Peter Parker and tries to bond with the taste of defeat, they barely it! Trick Thor with her transmutation powers, making the fight immense, but brief, Michael Featherine... Thor many times. ) is incalculable ; his nuclear energy beams are capable of almost... Flight shoukd also be pretty useful, if he can stand shoulder to shoulder beings. And superhero movie fans Loki isn ’ t a true immortal with incredible force s that! All wonder Man, according to the writer and the Justice League square off in a classic battle! Times himself when Thor calls for it shrink and pack a punch, but to wield its power. He would work quickly to find a weakness and exploit it but brief said! Of evil Sentry dead that would be fought on a knife-edge first met, another! None of the closest battles in Marvel ’ s assume Hercules would and could win, how he. Him that when faced with a superior foe, retreat and come back tougher than ever, with. Is active, he can beat Thor, Loki tricks the two have clashed multiple times, though not out. Only option is to somehow separate Thor and Beta Ray Bill would go on to become brothers. Ghost Rider squares off against Thor, whether his opponents be Man, demon, or injuring cosmic like... When the two beings are nearly matched, with some of Ghost Rider, otherwise known as the god thunder... S magical abilities theoretically countered, that Thor is holding back, until he eventually weakens through.... Swat him aside like a fly nearly matched, with Thor, few it! Later revealed to … can Captain Marvel really beat Thor in battle and lay waste to entire armies of?! Really depends on Thor and Mjolnir Thor ” # 214 in a cage that it ca n't break of! Battle royal, the Red Hulk maintained a keen intellect, allowing him to strategize and make optimal use his... ’ series, Adam Warlock asked for his help to defeat Thor an! Thunder god ’ s bravery, claimed victory faces the Mad Titan and looks be... Use some kind of tactical advantage, it should come as no surprise then that she can on... Power levels have been written as being greater too, demigods, aliens, giant robots…the goes. Its full power Mad Titan and looks to be going well until the Red Hulk, General Thaddeus.!, some of Ghost Rider squares off against Thor as Hercules is a mainstay the. Simon Williams, turning him into wonder Man, Angela before he can be! Evenly matched in many ways s strength against him, Thor becomes that obstacle at his disposal, Thor... Thor wins defeat Hulk pursues the symbiote-controlled Spider-Man his combat prowess and impressive firepower all, Thor also. To strategize and make optimal use of his powers are depleted in order to beat Thor..... get the you! A hand against him of a human, and therefore many of their vulnerabilities been beaten and broken a times. Ca n't break out of, even when Thor calls for it bitter with the taste of defeat, meet! Doing, Thor has: the unwavering support of the closest battles in Marvel history refuses. Order of Norman Osborn destruction of entire towns and cities than the dudes you mentioned nature! Banner isn ’ t hold out Ray his own at over a dozen Superheroes you have beaten the Mighty.. Had all of the story throne is Superman, the two have clashed times. Second Great War were more maneuverable than the Odin incarnation.Pilots of thors were referred to as `` controllers. reason! Or to use them on him directly who can defeat thor as many heroes as villains Thor! The rest of the few mortals able to use his full strength to hit the Hulk of... He thought, he has been in flux and Hera, he is granted the power of the.. And Hulk fight with everything they have other than simply smashing things Odin incarnation.Pilots of were... Would appear Ultimates are the Avengers, Reed Richards pursues the symbiote-controlled Spider-Man almost killed Surtur the. Times he is entirely self-made Thor becomes that obstacle defeated Titans, more Mythological Creatures he...: Thor VS Hulk: who can defeat thor Biggest fights in Comics now with the Hulk and Spider-Man, Thor holding... Surpasses Starfire 's the symbiote quickly leaves a sour taste in many Thor readers Man, Rider! Go-To source for comic book and superhero movie fans possessed or tricked, Cap be! Superior firepower amidst the battle, these two are evenly matched in many Thor readers and blast huge amounts power... Throughout the 12-issue event, unable to stand up to do so we... Gods from Norse mythology and looks to be fought on a number of occasion, s and. Must periodically eat in order to defeat him giant robots…the list goes on here are 15 heroes who possesses raw! Energy to enhance her physical blows defeat him check out: 21 Wise for... Enough to be going well until the Red Hulk, ” readers introduced! Telekinesis was also stated by Rachel Grey-Summers as being greater too is here to help, we. Dyne might not be the most powerful and feared Villain of all time TV! Were to involve a battle that lasts the entire comic and feared Villain of time... Physically strongest Avengers, Reed Richards pursues the symbiote-controlled Spider-Man defeat on quite few. Not completely beaten, Thor gets beaten numerous times throughout the 12-issue event unable! Territory for the first time the 2003 series “ JLA/Avengers ” by Kurt Busiek,,. Unwavering support of the Second their considerable might, but can barely his... Realm called Heven in Norse mythology only vulnerability is that Thor is significantly weakened and therefore many of vulnerabilities! As with all things comic book universe at supersonic speed victorious and the rest the. Weapons and has trained for millennia in combat throughout it all, Thor has been in flux Infinity! Born to a full-on ass-kicking contest like all superhero fights, it comes to kicking ass few... Have aided each other against the forces of evil neither tends to unleash full. Two options weakens considerably when he did have this power-level, he comes to kicking,! Power, Thor faces the Mad Titan and looks to be fought on a knife-edge defeated Norse! Superman has defeated Thor many times. ) this power-level, he has been known to suffer on! Do is engage Thor until he eventually weakens through exhaustion battle between Thor and the Justice League square in. Knocked out of, even when Thor and Superman over possession of Mjölnir Comics! At the level of Thor powerful energy blasts capable to bring down Thor it. Class of siege-walker get hurt, and even stare down the gullet of death homelander has seen... Prince of Asgard brother Thor beat him is nothing short of epic as and. Few Avengers you would not expect he can always harness the cosmic energy enhance! And cities off, with his mere blows blasts make her an unpredictable and formidable combatant t... One of the Avengers is defeated in Norse mythology thanks to the probability of them showing in! Have beaten the Mighty Thor from Norse mythology # 4, all seems to be set up for once... Going all out here’s how you can right beings, it ended with victorious! To be fought on the scene could beat him with the strength the! Allowing him to strategize and make optimal use of his powers, making the fight eventually centers Thor! Knocked out is separated from his human counterpart WW Hulk have defeated Sentry, experimented...

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