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Laird Connectivity: Industrial Humidity Sensors Sentrius RS1xx Multi-Sensor - 915MHz Ext. You can also create reports that show changes in temperature and humidity over time. The probe features a durable ABS body, perforated cap, internal temperature sensor, and built-in microchip that stores calibration data. Vaisala HUMICAP®180R sensor - superior long-term stability. 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After years of evaluation, the EE08-SS has emerged as our sensor of choice over more expensive probes for accuracy, stability, and durability. Industrial Humidity Sensors Sentrius RS1xx Multi-Sensor - 915MHz Ext. 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We offer combined humidity and temperature sensors with analog outputs each for humidity and temperature or a digital output. $35.63 $ 35. The Apogee EE08-SS is a customized version of the EE08 probe made by Austrian manufacturer E + E Elektronik. Due to its vast measuring range and rugged design it is suitable for numerous types of application within the field of temperature or humidity monitoring. Sensirion’s sensor solutions provide detailed and reliable data on key environmental parameters such as humidity, temperature, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter (PM2.5), and CO 2. - compact plug & play sensor. The insertion probe is suitable for measurement in dust-free bulk materials, bricks, concrete, etc. CDN$ 47.87 CDN$ 47. A wet probe cannot observe the actual humidity in the ambient air. Keep an eye on leaks, overflow, and temperature changes near your equipment, even when you’re offsite. You previously purchased this product. Filters. Resistive humidity sensors utilize ions in salts to measure the electrical impedance of atoms. HIH-4010/4020/4021 Series. HygroVUE10 Digital Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor with M12 Connector: SHT35 modified by Campbell Scientific Relative Humidity: 0 to 100% RH ; Air Temperature: -40°C to +70°C ; Relative Humidity: -NOTE- The accuracy figures quoted are the 95% confidence limits relative to factory standards. Thermal Conductivity Humidity Sensors are also known as Absolute Humidity (AH) Sensors as they measure the Absolute Humidity. Rs 9,000. Our humidity sensors are qualified for the most demanding applications, including automotive, heavy truck, aerospace and home appliances. Restricted Item . To extend the area they monitor, these detectors come with a detachable cable sensor that senses moisture along its entire surface. 87. HIH-4602-A/C Series. The Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP113 is a highly accurate and cost-effective humidity probe with a plastic enclosure. The Apogee EE08-SS is a customized version of the EE08 probe made by Austrian manufacturer E + E Elektronik. Place them near tanks and tubs to watch for overflow, or near sump pumps and pipe lines to monitor temperatures and prevent frozen pipes. Datasheet. Part No. Part # 455-00040. Page footer. Chemical purge minimizes effects of contaminants, In environments with high concentrations of chemicals and cleaning agents, the chemical purge option helps to maintain measurement accuracy. Note: Do not get the salt or salt solution on the sensor. USB-connection cable for service use. EE08-SS . The HE-69xx Series Duct Probe Sensors provide humidity and temperature sensing inside ducts. 63. - industrial grade. Industrial Humidity Sensors Sentrius RS1xx Multi-Sensor - 915MHz Ext. Our humidity probes, transmitters and sensors can help to maintain an accurate moisture control in a variety of applications. Use temperature and humidity information from the HE-69xx Series Duct Probe Sensor to precisely calculate enthalpy. 4.1 out of 5 stars 99. If you are looking for a standalone relative humidity sensor, consider a sensor by Honeywell. Humidity sensors When it comes to energy-optimized control concepts, Symaro humidity sensors guarantee fault-free operation for years, even in critical applications. 4 Vdc to 5.8 Vdc supply. The humidity near the door increases as soon as the door is opened. View products. Meanwhile, its probe is encapsulated with sintered metal which can ensure the sensor robust. Each Restricted Item . Requires at least one relative humidity probe (Model 5029). The difference between the individual thermal conductivities can be related to absolute humidity. This measures the humidity with an accuracy of ± (0.6% RH + 0.7% of m.v.) Rs 1,500. Top Products. These detectors connect to your Wi-Fi to send alerts about moisture, temperature, and humidity to your smartphone or tablet. Relative Humidity Sensors / Humidity Probes. Its typical temperature range can be -40 -+250℃,and special making available for higher temperature,e.g.300℃ or 600℃. Factory calibration data with each listing. A humidity sensor is a device that detects and measures water vapor. Arrow Automation. High-precision Testo humidity sensors with long-term stability (±1.7 % RH) can be ordered for the transmitter. Size : 6 icnh : Usage : Ideal to Sense Humidity : Packaging Type : Box : Housing Body Material : Plastic : Sensor Diameter : 2.1 cm : Weight : 100 g : View Complete Details. The probe measures humidity and temperature and calculates the dew/frost point. In a cold and humid environment, sublimation of ice may occur on the sensor head, whether it is a hair, dew cell, mirror, capacitance sensing element, or dry-bulb thermometer of an aspiration psychrometer. H7080B3273 Honeywell T Rh Sensors. 1.08 - 3.6 V supply voltage; I 2 C … Environmental Sensing opens up new possibilities to create smarter devices that improve our comfort and well-being as well as increase energy efficiency in a wide variety of applications. per page. FREE Shipping by Amazon. sensor combined in same package. Rs 3,500. By pioneering digital humidity sensors 20 years ago, Sensirion has defined an industry standard with the SHTxx series. View in Order History. New Product. … 4.2 out of 5 stars 1,029. Thanks to the new AirChip3000 technology, it also boasts a unique calibration and adjustment process as well as many other superb innovations. The metal oxide's electrical capacity changes with the atmosphere's relative humidity. Our range of Humidity Data Loggers can be found HERE. These units are designed to be used with one of the interfaces sold by Vernier and are not standalone sensors. Radical Techart Solution Private Limited - Offering RHTR14 Honeywell Humidity Sensor Probe, 0.8 - 3.8 Vdc, 3 % Rh at Rs 1650/unit in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The HI70602 humidity probe utilizes a high-tech thin-film polymer capacitance (TFPC) sensor. Get contact details and address | ID: 21004755255 The probe is easily installed and dismounted thanks to the M12 thread. Analog output, relative humidity & temp. Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP5 is designed for high temperature applications such as baking ovens, pasta dryers, ceramics and industrial drying kilns where measurement performance and chemical tolerance are essential. Wireless Humidity Sensors; Humidity Sensing Elements; Humidity Calibration; Humidity . © 2008-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. View in Order History. Monnit ALTA AA Wireless Humidity Sensors. Details … It is possible to choose between active and passive temperature measurement. The humidity element senses over the entire range of 0% RH to 100% RH and is housed in a plastic enclosure that is easy to install. After years of evaluation, the EE08-SS has emerged as our sensor of choice over more expensive probes for accuracy, stability, and durability. Elitech GSP-6 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger 2 Temperature Sensor Probes Temperature Recorder 16000 Points. There are also other sensors for measuring humidity but they might not work with this instructable). 2.0 (Motion/Light / Temperature/Humidity), ORIA Indoor Outdoor Thermometer, Digital Hygrometer Thermometer with 3 Wireless Sensors, Temperature Humidity Monitor Meter Gauge with LCD Backlight, for Home, Bedroom (White), AcuRite 01083M Pro Accuracy Temperature and Humidity Monitor, AcuRite 06002RM Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor, 5-Pack EEEkit Hygrometer Thermometer Digital LCD Monitor Indoor Outdoor Humidity Meter Gauge for Humidifiers Dehumidifiers Greenhouse Basement Babyroom, Black Round, Measure in Fahrenheit/Celsius, Humidity Meter, Indoor Thermometer Hygrometer [Mini Style], Accurate Humidity Monitor for Home, Office, Babyroom, Greenhouse, Black (2.3 X 1.8 Inch), Upgrade AMIR Indoor Outdoor Thermometer, 3 Channels Digital Hygrometer Thermometer with 3 Sensor, Humidity Monitor Wireless with LCD Display, Room Thermometer and Humidity Gauge for Home, Office, Baby Room, DSD Tech DHT22 AM2302 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module for Arduino Raspberry Pi, Veanic 4-Pack Mini Hygrometer Thermometer Fahrenheit or Celsius Meter Digital LCD Monitor Indoor Room Round Humidity Temperature Gauge for Humidors Home Greenhouse Babyroom Reptile Incubator, Inkbird Thermostat and Humidity Controller Pre Wired ITC-608T Dual Relays 1800W with Temp Humidity Sensor, General Tools MMD7NP Moisture Meter, Pinless, Digital LCD with Tricolor Bar Graph, Inkbird IBS-TH1 Wireless Thermometer Indoor Outdoor Hygrometer Humidity Monitor with Sensor and App, Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Requires AQARA HUB, Zigbee Connection, for Remote Monitoring and Smart Home Automation, Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer, Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, UbiBot WS1 Wireless Thermometer WiFi Temperature Sensor, Humidity Monitor Smart Hygrometer Data Logger, Free APP, Email Alerts(2.4GHz WiFi only, no hub required, IFTTT), AcuRite 00613MB Humidity Monitor with Indoor Thermometer, Digital Hygrometer and Humidity Gauge Indicator, Wifi Temperature Humidity sensor with Buzzer and Email / Text Alerts, (2021 Newest) Brifit Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer, Mini Bluetooth Indoor Temperature Humidity Sensor with Data Export, Temp Humidity Monitor with APP Alert for House, Garage, Greenhouse, Baby Room, BFOUR Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer, Humidity Meter Hygrometer Indoor High-Precision Digital Sensor, High-Definition High-Contrast Screen, for Home, Office, Greenhouse, Babyroom, Veanic 4-Pack Mini Digital Electronic Temperature Humidity Meters Gauge Indoor Thermometer Hygrometer LCD Display Fahrenheit (℉) for Humidors, Greenhouse, Garden, Cellar, Fridge, Closet, Delta Products Corporation Breez 110 CFM Humidity Sensor Exhaust Fan, 1.2 Sones, Gikfun DHT22 AM2302 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor for Arduino Raspberry Pi EK1196C, VIVOSUN Digital Indoor Thermometer Hygrometer with Humidity Guage (2 Pack), Accurate Temperature Humidity Monitor Meter for Home, Office, Greenhouse, Indoor Garden (Button Battery Included), ECOWITT GW1000 USB Wi-Fi Gateway with Indoor Temperature Humidity Pressure 3-in-1 Sensor, Smart Temperature Humidity Sensor Works w/Alexa IFTTT, 1/4 Mile Super Long Range Wireless Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Humidity Meter Temperature Humidity Monitor Sensor -YoLink Hub Required, WayinTop ESP8266 DHT22 Temperature and Humidity Web Server Kit with Tutorial, ESP-12E WiFi Development Board + DHT22 Temperature Humidity Sensor + USB Cable + 400Pin Breadboard + 10Pin Jumper Wire, Cigarol Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer, Mini Hygrometer Thermometer with Temperature and Humidity Monitor, CDN$ 5.14 for shipping & import fees deposit, Inkbird ITH 20R Digital Hygrometer Thermometer Indoor Gauge Display for Kitchen Baby Room Brewhouse, TOPGREENER Dual Tech Humidity Sensor Switch, Infrared PIR Motion & Air Moisture Detection, Bathroom Fan & Light Control, Adjustable Timing, NEUTRAL WIRE REQUIRED, TDHOS5, White, UL Listed, Humidity Meter Hygrometer Room Thermometer Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Temperature Humidity Monitor Temperature Sensor with Large Digital Display Instant Read for Room Greenhouse Garage Wine Cellar, Lora DRAGINO LHT65 LoRaWAN Temperature & Humidity Sensor 915MHZ…, Inkbird Temperature Controller And Smart Sensor. The HX15 series two wire remote transmitters measure relative humidity and temperature over a large temperature range (-40 to 180°C). Place the Relative Humidity Sensor in the jar. Thermal Conductivity Humidity Sensors measure the thermal conductivity of both dry air as well as air with water vapor. The sensor and probe heating enables precise and continuous humidity measurement even in areas with high … - steel enclosure. They are available as micro-modules, humidity probes in miniaturised design or as robust humidity probes for challenging, industrial purposes. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages that interest you. Advanced ∅15mm probe with dual voltage outputs, RS485 output and interchangeable calibrated sensor. This sensor enables rapid response and high accuracy humidity and temperature measurements. Humidity Sensor SHT4x. Connect the Relative Humidity Sensor to your interface and start the data-collection program. This calculation is important to determine an energy-efficient … Analog output, relative humidity sensor. Ongoing fundamental development work, state-of-the-art production technology and extensive calibration expertise result in reliable products for high-precision humidity measurement. - daisy chain version available for up to 20 sensors. Proven quality from Testo: you can depend on reliable measurement results, because the humidity/temperature probe is equipped with our high-precision, long-term stable humidity sensor. Humidity accuracy: ±3.5 %RH. The HygroClip2 is a completely new type of probe in a class of it's own in terms of accuracy and performance. Heated Humidity and Temperature Probe for Meteorology. Covered or uncovered. The HMP5 is part of the Indigo product family and compatible with Indigo500 and Indigo200 series transmitters and free Insight PC Software. Arrives before Christmas . Read about company. Humidity Probe Sensor. Find great deals on eBay for humidity temperature sensor probe. Next generation RH/T sensor platform with multiple accuracy and interface options. Neoteck Digital Thermometer Hygrometer with Time Large LCD Display, Humidity Temperature Monitor for Indoor Outdoor Use, 4.9ft/1.5m Sensor Wire 4.0 out … This rugged, accurate temperature/RH probe is manufactured by Vaisala. Seal the jar. The probe is plug and play compatible with Vaisala Indigo series transmitters, can be used as a standalone digital Modbus RTU transmitter, or connected to Vaisala Insight™ PC Software. Following the calibration instructions for your … A full line of humidity sensors from the premier Honeywell HumidIcon™ combined Digital Humidity/Temperature sensors to relative humidity absorption-based humidity sensor products, each sensor is designed to provide enhanced stability, reliability and sensitivity. We should not place the Temperature & humidity data logger near to the door. These types of sensors are used for weather, commercial and industrial applications. Fits in DTR13 and DTR502/503 radiation shields and also in the Stevenson screen. Accounting principles for the consolidated financial statements, For Students - Giant Leap summer internship, Meteorological infrastructure & capability development, Services for Vaisala K-PATENTS® Process Refractometers, Instruments, sensors and other measurement devices. Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 20. Psychrometric values displayed are: enthalpy, specific humidity, wet bulb, dry … Rs 5,600. FREE Shipping by Amazon. 1x 65 kΩ resistor ; Soldering Iron and solder or prototype breadboard ; single and 7 strand wires ; Snips and pull-nose pliers ; Arduino UNO ADC and the USB cable to connect to PC ; Once … Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, ThermoPro TP49-B Mini Hygrometer Thermometer with Large Digital View Indoor Thermometer Humidity Gauge Monitor for Greenhouse Cellar, ThermoPro TP55 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Humidity Gauge with Jumbo Touchscreen and Backlight Temperature Humidity Monitor, ThermoPro TP67 Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Digital Hygrometer Barometer with Cold-Resistant and Waterproof Temperature Monitor, 200ft/60m Range, Price and other details may vary based on size and color. HM1500LF Humidity Sensor. - powered by the base unit. You are seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. Products & Services . Ethernet, relay and analog outputs enable optimum integration into individual automation systems. Mouser Part No 239-455-00040.

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